Monday, 28 August 2017

SS Britannia: When Memes Come True

Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy survey the latest assaults on free speech as our enemies desperately try to slam the door shut after the horse has already bolted.

Stormfront are the latest site to get The Daily Stormer treatment and have their name stolen by the internet. Although many are seeing this as the beginning of a wipe-out of our websites, that may yet not happen, as the enemy did offer a semblance of a legal reason for doing this, claiming that over a hundred people had been killed by people who also happened to be members of Stormfront.

One thing these attempts at censorship are guaranteed to do, is to make us all more innovative in how we get our message out. Already we have alternative social media platforms and now we also have and Bitchute to take over from Youtube.

While the alternative media takes a hammering, the lamestream media has been sinking to some new lows particularly in Britain, with the BBC hiring a one-armed weather woman and providing a special low IQ news service for humanoids in Africa. The poor dears are apparently incapable of using english words with more than two syllables and they also need the White man in Britain to pay for their TV channels.

The Left are intent on forcing equality on everyone, regardless of how ridiculous the result is of seeing a woman with one arm trying to visually describe the weather. The whole experience of life itself is based on inequality, if everything was equal there would be no chance to experience anything at all. Leftism is nonsensical, the rejection of one the most fundamental laws of all creation just leads to death and chaos. The embracing of it will lead to life.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy

SS Britannia: When Memes Come True – SS 082717

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