Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Revelations Of The Receding Shores

Over the past year I've begun to fancy myself as an amateur fisherman, though my haul of fish is still abysmal I genuinely love it. I've found myself a quiet little patch on the remote Northumberland coastline I've found a deep sense of tranquillity and peace in gazing across the cold and harsh North Sea with nothing but my terrier for company, it is a wonderful waste of time.

  Being a rank amateur with nothing but trial and error and few YouTube videos to educate myself I reasoned that high tide was the best time to cast out because I picked up from somewhere that high tide brings fish in from the open ocean to feed, it seemed to make sense, so I went with it. The problem, though, was that this meant I'd spend 30-40 hours looking across the shoreline when the tide was in, and this meant that I couldn't account for the multitude of snags and the giant heaps of kelp I was struggling to reel in. It became slightly disheartening, frustrating. 

 The fact is I hadn't the faintest clue as to what I was casting out into, what was snagging my hook? where was the kelp? how big were these rocks under the water? how deep was the water? I'd stared for hours and hours on end at the same patch of sea but was still completely ignorant about the geology beneath the waves. 

Until last week...

 My most recent fishing expedition still delivered zero fish to take home and eat, but it did deliver enlightenment, I set off without checking the tide times and when I arrived the sea was going out!

  The mystery was being revealed. I stood fixated on the shore as I saw the sheer scale of my ignorance. I studied the huge slabs of granite which began to protrude above the frothy water, the gnarled broken rocks, the crevices metres deep which had swallowed my hooks. To the left there was a bed of kelp the size of two football pitches and I'd been casting straight into it again and again. Over to the right, past the rocks, was an enormous stretch of sand which rolled out from a small beach and kept rolling out into the ocean, I'd still hadn't caught a fish, but I was enlightened, I finally understood what lay beneath and could adapt my fishing strategy accordingly.   
I could of course choose denial, I could opt to forget what I'd seen and put the truth about the underwater landscape out of my mind and carry on exactly as I had done before, futilely snagging on the same rocks, despairingly reeling in the same buckets of kelp.  

 Similarly, with an organisation whose sole purpose is to censor opinions which Jewish people dislike in a moderating role on YouTube....

Where now for political and social commentary on that platform? They can no longer have the pretence of free speech and thought when when YouTube content has to pass through a ''Jew Approved'' filter, will they see it and challenge it for what it is? or will they continue to snag on the rocks and reel in kelp?

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