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Thoughts On The Newcastle Grooming Scandal (Part 1)

Their branch of service does not require them to be educated people of broad culture and broad views - and they are not. Their branch of service does not require them to think logically - and they do not. Their branch of service requires only that they carry out orders exactly and be impervious to suffering - and that is what they do and what they are. Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Easy Meat

The first time I ever heard the term ''Multiculturalism'' was during a Gordon Brown press conference or speech given around 2002. I despised the term instantly, treachery and deceit oozed from every syllable.  When Gordon Brown blabbered his New Left buzzword broth of ''vibrancy'' and ''enrichment'' I knew he was lying because I knew nobody in the North East of England had ever shown the slightest interest in sharing their territory with the rest of the world, and I knew that because I'd lived there all my life.

 Newcastle's ''West End'' had long been notorious for being a dilapidated, squalid, violent, poverty stricken dump. The shipyards were closed, heavy industry was all but gone and the EU had broken the back of the North East's fishing industry. When the work left the money left, and when the money left the pubs went under, after the pubs went under the ''community'' retreated into drugs and nights in with the telly. Dole, TV, cheap booze and fags replaced work, Christianity and tradition. And the local council was fine with it all as long as the crime and squalor didn't make the national press too often, and besides, big changes were underway, orders were coming down from on-high...

 The last time I passed through the West End would have been around 2003 to visit the local hospital, the drab coal-fired brick buildings were still there but the non white immigrant population had increased exponentially. One building I remember distinctly, what was obviously once an old bingo hall or pub had now become an ''African Women's Support Centre''. One of the poorest parts of England, inhabited by an ''underclass'' of white ''chavs'' in tracksuits bumming cigarettes off strangers was now also responsible for supporting African women...why? who authorised this? which African women, why were they here? what was the difference between an African women's support centre and a plain old ''Women's support centre''?

 What this signified was that our people, who'd been left to rot, were now not the primary concern of the power elites and local government. A new people were coming, and they were worth more than our own, Gordon Brown's multiculturalism was no longer on the drawing boards of think tanks and lobby groups, it was active policy.

Stretched Over The Rack

During the 80's and 90's it was common knowledge in the North East that the West End was on the verge of complete social collapse. Jokes went round about being able to ''buy'' a girl from the West End for a packet of cigs. The North East pop band 'The Pet Shop Boys' sang:

In a West end town a dead end world
 The East end boys and West end girls
In a West end town in a dead end world
The East end boys and West end girls ..West end girls

One urban legend which always amused me was the tale of lad who swapped a car worth £300 for a two bedroom flat in Benwell, whether or not there's truth to that hardly even matters, the fact is the area was rife with boarded up council houses just waiting to be filled by a demographic flush with state benefits.

 And so began the great Muslim benefits swindle. The unemployment rate of Muslims is 50% for men and 75% for women and yet from the perspective of a 15 year old white girl all these Ali's and Abdul's are rich, like pop stars. This is despite the fact they are on the same benefits as the working class whites. The Muslims and much of the white working class milk the benefits system for every penny they can get, the difference: is the Muslims live under and within a system of ethnic networking, a clan based patriarchy structure. 

 The ample benefits Muslim women acquire for simply breeding goes directly to the man, as do the rest of her benefits, the man has his own goodies as do the family as a whole, including living rent free via housing benefit. However,  above and beyond that he works for his brother or cousin in a taxi rank or kebab shop, off the books of course. This means that a Pakistani with 3-4 children can have a weekly income of £800, and with that he, in cahoots with his brothers and cousins and fellow Pakistanis, can buy cheap property to rent out to other members of the group who're milking the system and working for the clan, and so the swindle continues.  

 At the top of this social pyramid are the imams and ''Community Leaders'', there are no white community leaders, that's hatred, that's 'Far Right'. It is these community leaders who have coffee mornings and cosy meetings with local politicians and media, in which they can claim victim status no matter what outrage is perpetrated by their group.

Where now are those high sounding ideals of the classic liberals and skeptics? where now are the glories of individualism, the common good and the universal man? I shall tell you - they have their face buried in a rotten mattress as they're repeatedly sodomised. 

The clan based patriarchy of Asia has existed under a multitude of horrendous eras through history and it survives because it's tough, it works, it precedes Islam, the doctrines of Islam reflect what was already there for millennia, the threat is ethnic and racial as well as religious. The argument that Islam mandates rape is fatuous, of course it does, because that is what one clan does to the weaker, and why then were whites weaker? well...consider that everything which makes Islam and the non white clan structure powerful was, in whites, mysteriously snipped, rooted out and de-legitimized  just before the Muslims arrived.

 Working class whites are stretched over a spine snapping rack, soulless materialism without religion or moral guidance, bonds with kin and their own history warped and bastardized and now having to deal with a hyper aggressive tribal ethnic / religious demographic who're all too conscious of their strengths relative to our weaknesses, all too aware that they have the backing of the state and we do not, that they are the protected pampered class and that we are not, that they can scream ''racist'' when questioned and that we may not.     

For the organs of the state and its media this dire state of affairs is still not enough, the lies and wilful denial, the paradoxical madness in their thinking, and it is this which I shall explore in part 2 of this story.....

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