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Thoughts On The Newcastle Grooming Scandal (2/2)

In less than four years Operation Sanctuary has seen 461 arrests, put vile abusers behind bars for hundreds of years, and potentially protected hundreds more vulnerable victims. In many cases the abuse suffered is not reported and officers have had to go out and find potential victims themselves. Northumbria Police has also urged the public to be its eyes and ears and report any concerns they have about exploitation.

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Whenever a ''grooming'' scandal breaks into the news in Britain the tentacles of the state and mass media have a go-to set of platitudes, half truths and obfuscations which they roll out to make the public, and more importantly, themselves, feel at ease with the information being released. In Britain today hundreds of native girls being raped and sexually enslaved by a racially and culturally alien network warrants an average of 2 days in the news-cycle, and the people who act as the gatekeepers of public discourse know it. The purpose of the mass media, then, is not to objectively present events and facts to the public, but rather to prep and distort events so that they're fit for public consumption within politically correct guidelines.

It is not :

 ''The potato harvest failed because of our methods and millions will starve''

But rather:

 ''Do we need potatoes? is the failed harvest being reported fairly? don't complain too loudly lest our enemies hear, traitor!''  

£10,000 To Make A Liberal

When the Newcastle grooming story broke the left liberal media initially tried to bury the story by drawing the public's attention to a side issue relating to ''Operation Sanctuary''. This headline in The Independent was typical:

 There are multiple layers of deceit in that headline and it's highly instructive as a lesson on how our moral guardians want us to think. Firstly, the use of the word ''paedophile'' without clarification has the effect on the white mind of conjuring an image of a greasy old white pervert in a rain mac taking pictures of little children, and the fake news media know it, their aim is to muddy the waters so a tribalistic network of violent gang rapists is shielded by their lies. 

 The issue of the age of the girls is an important one, anyone who's tried to debate these matters with a lefty will have had Jimmy Saville thrown in their faces and when the media deliberately calls these men ''paedophiles'' we can understand why. However, a paedophile is a man with a psychological illness which attracts him to children, including infants! The Muslim rape gangs target white girls who're usually between 13-17 years of age. The age of consent is 16 years old, a line was drawn arbitrarily to protect girls from being sexually exploited despite the fact that many girls are sexually mature before 16 years of age. This was largely agreed upon by the British public and not really an area of debate or controversy. 

 The problem is the age of consent is but one issue which was broadly agreed upon in the age of monoculture, where the dominant culture dictated and decided what the laws and general morality of the nation should be. In a multiculture this becomes absurd, there is no reason whatsoever to think that Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalians, Turks, Iraqis, Kurds or Afghans should respect ways of thinking utterly alien to them beside the fact that ''it's the law''. And the kid gloves of the British state and liberatti ensure they can mock the laws anyway. They are not ''paedophiles'' they just have a complete disregard for the age of consent agreed upon by a different people.

They are not peadophiles. The harsh, brutal reality is that they're a tightly knit ethno-religious network who're taking the 'ripe fruit' the genetic future, of another group and absolutely destroying it, defiling it and besmirching it and dragging it into the gutter. Their loyalties are to each other and their own collective interest and power. Chief Constable Ashman seems to have understood this to a certain degree, faced with the prospect of allowing the sexual exploitation to continue or do something, anything, to stop it, he decided upon the only course of action he could: Pay one of them to snitch. 

Once again the great liberal ideal is shown up for the colossal scam that it is, the man was already known to the police for raping a 15 year old and had 50! charges against him. In the absence of being able to drill his teeth or pull his finger nails out with pliers, Ashman did what he could, he bribed him. No sense of common decency or universalistic principles held sway over this scumbag, he did not care in the slightest about the humiliation of the girls or the barbarism of his tribe, only pure self interest could turn him against his gang.

 Ashman could never explain these harsh realities to our liberal elite of course, like the parent of a giant teenage retard who'd smash in your skull if you triggered him with the wrong phrase, the politically correct intelligentsia have to be handled with kid gloves, they need soft ''truths'' which make them feel nice.  Political correctness is not simply a means to suffocate discourse among us, the general population, it has a rebound effect, facts and reality have to be filtered before being handed back to the people with power and influence who enforce it.

The Ever Shifting Sands of ''us and them''

 Because ''Multicultural Britain'' is based upon nothing but treachery and deception the narrative and moral ethos can be warped and twisted to serve it as needs must. One of the most ''problematic'' areas is in conceptions of ''us and them''. The imported non white population are lauded as being as ''British as the rest of us'' when it is expedient but then transform back into vulnerable minority groups whenever necessary

And thus:

 Blacks are simultaneously as British as us natives but not when related to the empire or slavery or forms of collective guilt.

 Muslims are as British as the rest of us when they ''homegrown'' bomb us but when we look for why we are bombing ourselves we discover it's because ''we'' bombed ''their'' countries.

The rules of the game are simple, whites lose. 

And so in the aftermath of Operation Sanctuary you can find these two headlines in the British press, both reporting on the same story on the same day:

The Guardian (top) is not concerned with why the non white Muslim men obviously see white women and girls as the racial ''other'' to be treated like trash, they don't care about that in the least. What they're doing is warning whites not to think of the racial aliens raping and abusing them as being ''the other'' even when the immigrants are explicitly saying so! In other words; Don't even think about defending yourselves!

For white people to recognize the threat, understand the threat and search for ways to neutralize or reduce the threat, whether mass rape or terrorism, is ''giving in to an agenda of hate'' because it's ''sowing division''. The cliche and mind-bending double standards and logic come at you so fast it's bewildering, the over arching effect that it has on the minds of the natives is to be constantly forced to wade knee-deep through a thick treacle substance. 

I think it's fair to stay that relative to the general population I'm more familiar with what the politicians and mass media call ''Far Right'' or these days ''Alt-Right''. Now, the general public are continually warned, threatened and bullied that the ''Far Right'' will use a Muslim terror attack or the ongoing Muslim rape wave to ''further our agenda of hate'' we do not really care that our people are being randomly slaughtered and treat like meat, we are using these ''tragedies'' to further our agenda.

But what then is our ''agenda''? Their reply would be that we seek to peddle hate for hate's sake, there is no goal beyond that, we're agents of chaos, evil, but they say that in defence of a society they created which is at its very foundation chaotic, brimmed with hatreds they deny and ignore and when one considers the sheer scale of he threats, the bullying and the intimidation, the speech codes and draconian laws dragging people off to jail for having an opinion, the truth is the society they created is evil incarnate, and it's rapidly descending into a hell. 

Working Class Zeros

The day after the Newcastle grooming story broke I went to work determined to note the reactions of the working class white men I work with, I've tried explaining what is taking place across the country a thousand times, they are not politically correct, that isn't the issue, they are apathetic and ignorant, that is the issue. I expected the conversation to be dominated by football, as it usually is, however, it wasn't, they were all aware of the Newcastle Muslim grooming issue and deeply troubled by it. There was confusion:

 ''if it was all Pakis why did the police pay the nonce?''

 ''Why was that ugly white lass in the line-up? is she a lefty or something?''

 '' I heard Labour cover it up to protect the Pakis!''

And finally:

 '' What can we do though?

And I replied:

 ''We have to take our heads out of our arses and understand that we're being wiped out!''

But the sad fact is there will not be a working class rebellion, infrastructure and organisation will have to come from above, not below, but just like so many times before in our history...they will follow...

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