Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cucks United

I recently wrote two articles on the Newcastle grooming scandal, part 1 is here and part 2 is here . The posts were primarily focused on the white working class of Newcastle and therefore I felt I should also explore the fixation so many working class white men have with football and the sham identity and tribalism it offers. In the end I decided against including it as I thought it too much of a tangent and wanted to stay on topic, I thought it better to come back to the subject at a later date with a stand alone post.

 However, yesterday I watched a YouTube video by ''Way Of The World'' and he made the exact same points as I intended to make so I thought I'd simply post his video.

Further to the points Way Of The World makes in his video, I'd add that since the Manchester bombing all major football grounds across England will be erecting concrete bollards and security fencing outside the stadiums which will be monitored by armed police and even soldiers. 

 10,000 healthy white men chanting and parading through England's cities, their cities, but for what? what purpose does this bravado serve? They march proudly to shower an African with their meager wages while worshiping him as a demigod. Foreign men have settled in their cities and are sexually exploiting their womenfolk by the 100's, upon arriving at their precious stadium, which will be owned by a Jewish or Arab oligarch, they have to be watched over like lambs lest the foreign men who've settled in their cities blow them up, and when they finally get inside they'll be bombarded with ant-racism propaganda and cameras watching for racist remarks directed toward the African millionaire they've come to fawn over. 

 Do any of these men question this? does Dave not turn to Brian and ask:

 ''Hang on a minute, Bri, if this is our town and we own it, we're the boys here, then why are we the ones under armed guard for our own protection?''

As Way Of The World pointed out, it's the circus part of ''Bread and Circuses for the masses'' and every circus needs its clowns...

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