Wednesday, 27 September 2017

''Get Help, Nazi!''

''So you believe there's a Zionist conspiracy to eradicate white people and institute a world government which will rule over an identity-less slave class?''
''Yeah, that's pretty much it, doctor''

I've lost count of the amount of times I've been advised to seek professional help to rid me of my racism and hate. It's a standard retort ''You need help!'' or ''Forgot your meds today, did we?'' and ''You're so full of hate, perhaps counselling could help you!''. The idea of course is to mark you out as a nut whose opinions are so far off the map that they needn't be taken seriously and, just as in the USSR, you should be sectioned, removed entirely from the public eye where you can safely drool in an asylum.

  Nevertheless I've long been intrigued by the idea of contacting a professional and explaining to them what it is that ails so many of us, is it possible to be plugged back into the ''normie'' Matrix through feelgood platitudes and ''Songs of the Whale'' CD compilations? can a psychiatrist convince me that the end of the white race and the collapse of Western Civilization is ''No Biggie'' or would they try and deny it?

 After stumbling across one of these professionals offering help to people offended and hurt by the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim street group ''Britain First'' I decided to find out, if these people are offering help to Muslims and liberals left feeling suicidal by chants such as ''Stop raping white girls'' or Trannies and intergenders devastated by hate rants such as ''Ha Ha it's a bloke in a dress!'' then surely they could help me out... 

What followed was an invitation to express my concerns in private...

It has to be said that these people certainly weren't SJW fruitcakes ranting about white privilege, I'm guessing it was a rather softhearted middle aged white woman with some experience in mental health. Her professional etiquette prevented her from dismissing me as a Nazi, instead she made a rather feeble appeal to individualism ''white genocide is only an issue if you identify with whites as a group''. 

The world of psychiatry and ''self help'' betrays its inherent liberalism here, we're deep into special snowflake territory, this is why the shrink was eager to help trannies but incapable of giving me advice, the tranny would only be offended and hurt for itself, not on behalf of all trannies. All the tranny would need would be some soothing words of comfort and a bit of waffle about how wonderful it was. However, it's not my personal happiness I'm interested in, but rather the overall well being of whites as a group, this issue affects us all on an individual level but it is rooted in our present crisis as a group. Liberalism has nothing to offer here, its values system seems to be in another dimension.

 It would appear that the therapists to the white race, are white Nationalists...

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