Saturday, 16 September 2017

Living In A Madhouse: A Bucket Bomb Full Of Irony

Just as you were trying to internalize and absorb such terms as ''Truck Attack'' and ''Acid Attack'' into your standard speech patterns, multiculturalism blessed us yet again, now you can get used to ''Bucket Bomb'' too. The Bucket Bomb premiered on London's Underground yesterday but with only 22 injured and no (as I write!) fatalities seems to have left people, both Jihadists and Londoners, with the sense that it was a bit of a flop.

Nevertheless, I carried on my tradition of going on Twitter to see how the great and good were reacting, the cliche, the ''virtue signalling'' the expressions of anger-but not too much anger, that might be a Hate Crime. It's a perverse form of entertainment to watch how people react to an attempt to butcher them while operating under severe psychological and legal restrictions, how does the angst and anger manifest itself? well, in this case it was via the #ThingsIslamicStateShouldClaim trend.

 It's a joke, you see, riffing on the meme that ISIS claim responsibility for every ill fortune to befall Europe. There's nothing more British than taking the piss out of people who're trying to blow you up, what a laugh, Rule Britannia! 

This is truly the epitome of the British stiff upper lip, our stoicism and unwavering determination to suffer without causing too much offense.

 What they've done is internalize and accept their roles as prey, and thus when the predator strikes but the blow is not lethal, they sneer and taunt, like Roadrunner saying ''Beep-Beep'' to Wile E Coyote. This form of ''Gallows Humour'' might be valid if the British government were in the business of rounding up Islamic males under 40 and deporting them, but they aren't, they're in the business of increasing their numbers relative to the numbers of the natives. Or rather, there'll be more crocodiles and lions relative to gazelles.

 To the great mass of white liberals in Britain there is but two options available:

Option Number 1.

''Tee Hee, Tee Hee, Beep-Beep! better luck next time losers, Beep-Beep!.''

Option Number 2:

''OMG! #PrayForLondon, #Love, Please let's stop the anger and hatred! 😟😟😟

And so when ''Tori'' says in her Tweet above, and she's certainly not alone, that to laugh off attempts to kill us is the quintessential British trait she's staggeringly wrong. There's no need for Gallows Humour when you're not being led up the steps to be hanged, because, Tori, in the past we were the lions, which is why our ancestors built statues such as this:

Because what matters in the end is not sarcasm, irony or post-modern witticisms, but power, confidence and strength. 

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