Monday, 11 September 2017

SS Britannia: Alt-Whites in the Alt-Right

SS 091117
Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy co-host SS Britannia looking back over the week’s happenings including the Anglin/Vox debate, the David Lammy report, Heather Heyer’s heart attack and the Afghanistan drug trade.

Vox Day has proved once again why non-Whites are not to be trusted and should not be listened to. He was clearly just trying to gain publicity for himself by proposing to debate Anglin on the ridiculous topic that he proposed, whether or not National Socialism was Right wing. National Socialism is not international socialism, it was genuine nationalism which has to include social programs as every member of the ethnic nation is valued. Genuine ethnic nationalism will always look like national socialism because the principles it was built upon are the same principles manifest in the natural order.

The Alt-Right seems to have a problem with wanting to accept non-Whites into the movement who claim to be advocating for Whites. This is actually a reasonable position for half-castes to take since Whites are the ones who provide for the non-Whites, but if they wish to do so, then they should also make it clear that they have non-White partners and are not seeking to find a White one. If a mixed-breed wishes to prevent further lines of mixed-breed being created then that is commendable, but all too often the mixed-breed is really looking for a White spouse to help make their offspring more light-skinned than they are.

David Lammy produced a report last week showing that Blacks are nine times more likely to commit violent crime than Whites, ten times more likely to deal drugs when they are children and 4 times more likely to be convicted for public order offences. Unfortunately instead of realising this means Blacks are a dangerous threat to the rest of us, Lammy has concluded this must be because there are not enough Blacks in the police and the judiciary to let them off.

After discussing the Lammy report, Brutus brings up some inconsistencies in the Charlottesville narrative concerning the beached whale Heather Heyers. Apparently her mother says she died of a heart attack and not from being squished by a car. Pictures of Heather on the day show her wearing different clothes to the female who was squotted and there are now questions over whether anyone died at all.

Finally the podcast ends with some thoughts on the Afghanistan drug trade and how the heroin problem could be solved simply by buying the entire opium crop from them and then giving the addicts medical treatment. This would remove all heroin from the streets and the last generation of drug addicts would simply live to then end of their lives on medical heroin and then die out.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy

SS Britannia: Alt-Whites in the Alt-Right – SS 091117

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