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Star Trek Diversity: We Are The Klingons Now!

The opening credits to Star Trek Discovery are a veritable barrage of Goldmans, Meyers, Kurtzmans and Wisemans that come at you like photon torpedoes slamming into a warp drive. I'd heard the rumours, this was the most blatantly anti-white show ever made, but nevertheless, I boldly went where few white Nationalists had gone before, deep, deep into the Jewish controlled Alpha Quadrant of mass entertainment.

So just how bad is it? well, luckily for me popular YouTubers Black Pigeon Speaks and Dave Cullen have already done the leg work and hunted down various statements from the cast, writers and producers that prove that, yes, Star Trek Discovery's subtext is rabidly anti Donald Trump and white Nationalism, and that's handy because I can now jump into the good stuff without having to spend 500 words establishing it as a fact.

 Discovery is set 10 years before the original Star Trek series, the main protagonist is a black woman whose character is called ''Michael Burnham'' because in the future no names will be gender specific, the actress's actual name is ''Sonequa Martin-Green''. Burnham is first officer on the Federation ship ''Shenzhou'' captained by a middle aged oriental woman (Michelle Yeoh) assisted by a gay amphibian creature as science officer, he's as close as we're going to get a white male for some time. 
The future....

 On a mission at the very edge of Federation space Burnham investigates an ancient Klingon religious beacon, then promptly murders the Klingon priest guarding it, in Klingon space! This, quite understandably, triggers the Klingons who now find that the Federation's progressive liberalism and multi-alienism is encroaching upon their territory and threatening their identity, they just want to be left alone in their part of the galaxy but Star Trek Diversity has other plans for them.

 When a Klingon warship arrives to investigate the desecration of the religious beacon and the murder of their High Priest, by Burnham, Burnham advises Michelle Yeoh to immediately open fire, just to be safe. This is of course a rejection of the classic liberal values at the heart of the Star Trek universe and Michelle Yeoh tries to explain it (repeatedly) to Burnham, however Burnham argues that there's simply no dealing with fascist scum such as the Klingons, they have to be ''No Platformed'' and shot before they can even speak. 

  As the two women squabble and bicker we're 32 minutes in and the first white man arrives (an admiral) via hologram, however he's promptly lectured to by Black Lives Burnham on his ignorance in confusing race and culture. After 30 seconds of airtime this remnant of the ignorant white power structure is sent packing. Burnham then overpowers Yeoh via a Vulcan grip and takes command of the ship, lying to the gay frog guy and demanding the Shenzhou fires upon the Klingon ship. 
Just in case you didn't get the message, Klingons will turn white so you do....

 So what we have here is essentially the debate taking place within liberal left circles post Trump and the resurgence of a white racial identity. Black Lives Burnham represents the Social Justice nut component and Yeoh the classic liberal side, Yeoh is a sort of Sargon of Star Trek trying to mediate between the two warring factions, and naturally, the aggression is all coming from the SJW's. I guess an SJW could be triggered by how they're presented here, but then again they haven't been cast as Klingons! and the creators certainly seem to be saying that the Federation's ideals are incapable of coping with the Alt-Klingon Empire. 

 Interestingly, the Klingons themselves are in a state of weakness, they aren't the glorious empire of old but a scattering of tribes under local warlords. Burnham's fear is that if suitably angered they could unite and pose a serious threat to the federation. The problem is that Burnham and the Federation are responsible for the Klingon backlash in the first place.

 Unlike the Federation the Klingons speak frequently of ''Honour'' and ''Tradition'' and ''Ancestors''. The people and creatures which make up the Federation are unable to speak in such terms because they're essentially just a power hungry blob of atomized individuals, their aim is to absorb the entire galaxy into their amorphous progressive mass. Dave Cullen had it spot on in his video, the Federation have become The Borg. Cultural Marxism and Social Justice are simply the intermediary stages. 

 The Klingons understand this too, their leaders lament that the encroaching liberal Federation will mean the end of their race, their people-hood and identity. One of the script writers admitted that the often used line ''We Must Remain Klingon'' was code for Trump's ''Make America Great Again'' phrase. 

Actual dialogue from ''STD''.

After the inevitable set-piece battle the Klingons begin beaming their dead out from the void of space and into their ships for full burial. The Federation show no concern at all for their dead, but they do conjure up a plan to hide a neutron bomb inside of dead Klingons so their ship can be blown up from inside, a plan which they then carry out without hesitating for a nanosecond.

 The two part pilot winds down with ''Dindu Nuffin'' Burnham standing trial for:

 Instigating a war.
 Gross misconduct
 Being held responsible for the 8,000 dead Federation officers in the conflict she caused.

The only message a reasonable person can take away from this catastrophe is: Never let a black woman do anything more important than clean toilets. 

 But in the end what Star Trek Discovery represents is mind numbing arrogance, hubris on a cosmic scale. The people behind this trash have cast themselves as psychotics, megalomaniacs, murderers and above all, retards. 

 Star Trek Discovery is a commentary by the Jewish entertainment industry, and liberal elites in general, on the rise of a Right Wing populism. But the reason for that rise in populism is the mentality on display in the show they created, we're dealing with people so out of touch they've demonized themselves in their own propaganda!

 Star Trek Diversity features three factions, Black Lives Burnham's ''bash the fash'', Michelle Yeoh's ''Let's hear their ideas'' classic liberal and the Klingon's ''Just leave us alone or die!''. And the writers and producers have decided that the bash the fash Anti-fa position is the most morally sound, despite acknowledging that they're also to blame for the violence.

 They're explaining to us through the Klingon story arc:

 ''We know why you're angry, we know we started this, but we don't care, we're going to keep coming for you anyway, and if classic liberals have to get the phaser too, then so be it!''.


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