Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Curious Case Of The Alt-Lite

Originally published at Rubicon Reaction.

After publishing my last article here concerning the skeptic community, I thought I may as well continue in that vein and write something concerning the Alt Right’s other chief frenemy faction, those infamously autistic nootropic salesmen and tinfoil connoisseurs, the Alt Lite.

Many of you are probably confused by my description of these groups as “frenemies” relative to the Alt Right. What I mean is simply that both of these groups do, from time to time, have aims and objectives which closely coincide with ours. It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up an example of such an alignment of interests – opposition to Feminism, support for freedom of association, opposition to Islam or Black Lives Matter, etc. All issues which, by and large, ignore the pivotal crisis of our time; that of the West’s swiftly crumbling demography.

Let me begin by saying that we should by no means equate the Skeptics™ with the Alt Lite. They differ deeply and meaningfully, in terms of ideology, political capital, social capital, and tactics. But positionally, both find themselves in between the ongoing Zeitgeist’s subject and object, namely between the ascendant Alternative Right making daily headlines across the West, and the Progressive establishment it seeks to dismantle. Woe betide any that stand in the way of the rapidly escalating conflict between those two.

Let’s step back and take a look at the broader dilemma of our time. A foreign class of globalist financiers have wormed their way into power, we have a hostile national media busily engaged in polluting the minds of the populace with insidious and subversive propaganda, and any hope of a future for America’s founding stock is being ground to dust, slowly but surely, between the terrible twin millstones of Education™ and Immigration™. 

This is a catastrophe of undeniably unprecedented proportions. Greater than any World War, pestilence, famine, or natural disaster apart from perhaps the Great Flood. The destruction of our civilization itself, the birth of Nietzsche’s Last Man, the apparent death of our cultural and spiritual destiny, and the defiling of the gifts our forefathers gave over to our safekeeping.

There is a certain archetypal character who pops up during disasters. The man who sells water bottles for $50 just before a hurricane hits. The man who demands your Rolex in exchange for a ride away from an approaching tornado. The man who sells snake oil as a miracle cure during a plague. The swindler. The charlatan. The opportunist. 

Who are the opportunists of our civilizational disaster? Who are the snake oil salesmen exploiting the desperate urges of those affected by our decline, who seize upon the natural anxieties of our people and channel them into profit? Who tells you that the solution to the world’s problems is to buy a product, be it a physical commodity or a virtual one? None other than the Alt Lite.

The opportunist has little interest in the plights of peoples and nations, because his primary concern is his own enrichment. At his core he is a nihilist, believing that outside of his own life and perspective, nothing truly matters. But if feigning concern over such things will result in his profit, he will do it in a heartbeat. There is a limit, of course; the point at which a cause requires more from him than he receives from it is the point at which they part ways.

Does this not define the prominent figures of the Alt Lite? For those who have been paying attention, it should be obvious that their objection to race realism and the Alt Right has been a recent phenomena, born out of the bad press resulting from Heilgate and all the accusations of various ‘isms thrown at us during and post Trump’s victory. Prior to that, they accepted the Alt Right’s tenets as a way to gain access to a new and energized market for their snake oil and ad revenue.

Everything the Alt Lite’s figureheads have done can be readily explained with two words: profit motive. They took a movement, the populist up-swell that Trump rode to victory, ingratiated themselves to it as known personalities who said all the right things, and then collected as much sweet cheddar as they could, from as many people as they could, for as long as they could. And to this day they are still going, and still disavowing anyone unpopular enough to hurt their Brand™.

That is the key to understanding the central figures of the Alt Lite; they are a pack of charlatans working to enrich themselves in spite of the genuine Nationalist fervor of their unfortunate followers, who go on consuming the blue pill marketed to them as the solution to their legitimate grievances.

Cerno’s nootropic comes in blue pills. Ironic!

Not everyone whom we would refer to as Alt Lite falls under this archetype, but those who do are also those who most frequently conflict with the Alt Right, and those who do not (prominent examples might be Lauren Southern or Ann Coulter) are also those with whom the Alt Right conflicts least. We sometimes use the term merely to refer to those who only implicitly support the Alt Right’s beliefs while rarely, if ever, countersignalling us. Southern and Coulter would fall under this category, and serve as effective “gateways”. Far more troublesome are the eternally cucking and donation begging weasels at whom this article is primary pointed.

The obvious question, then, is what can be done about such people? I’ll cut straight to the answer: vetting and ostracism. As soon as an individual in your political sphere starts trying to sell you a supplement, your suspicions ought to be instantly aroused. In fact, you ought to have sniffed them out as a fraud before that point. Disingenuousness is easy to recognize if you look for it. Promote and reward selflessness, while remaining wary of paywalls, donation requests, and of course, pseudomedicinal products.

I’ll end this post with a reminder to seek out those who have started down the road to being redpilled, but have unfortunately been stuck somewhere along the way, perhaps by one of the Alt Lite vultures I’ve talked about here. Find them, and do your best to point them in the right direction, whether by sharing Jared Taylor’s censored video on HBD, or directing them to this PDF of Rushton’s “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”. The facts are on the side of Identitarianism, and those who seek to dilute or obfuscate them will collapse under the weight of evidence.

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