Friday, 1 September 2017

The Futility Of The Skeptic vs SJW War

Something that's always bothered me about the war between the Classic Liberal Skeptic community and their Social Justice Warrior enemies is that neither side has any real bite, intellectually speaking. Nowhere is this impotence more evident than on the hot-button subject of race and racial groups in society. 

 When the Alt-Right talk about Cultural Marxism, or ''SJW's'' it's usually in the context of them being sad pawns of a certain ethno-religious group who conjured up all their ideas. However, it occurred to me recently that if you remove the biological facts and realities of racial differences from the discourse, hermetically sealing them and blasting them off to Jupiter, as has been the case for the last 50 years, then Social Justice actually makes a degree of sense for people trying to create a more equal society.

  If there are no biological differences in humans then how do you account for black underachievement and high crime rates and poverty? Without invoking racial differences you're going to be impelled to start looking at structural flaws in the society, you're going to start asking why one group is ''privileged'' and another is not.

 Meanwhile back in the Skeptic camp, they're screeching blue murder about their precious individualism being defiled by the Social Justice left instilling racial awareness in varying groups within the society. Their argument is that no collective groups should exist, the individual is paramount. The problem is they don't take into account racial differences either. The Skeptics will and do, argue that you'll have rich blacks and poor blacks, just as you have rich whites and poor whites, race is irrelevant, some individuals are smart and successful, others not so smart and unsuccessful. That's just the way it goes.

Except in reality it demands of blacks sitting in jails, ghettos and unemployment lines, that they don't join the dots and realize that they're poorer and more likely to be living in squalor relative to the white population. If Classic Liberalism was hegemonic and Social Justice tropes such as ''Affirmative Action'' and ''White Privilege Theory'' were abolished, if all the constructs the Social Justice left has built to assist blacks were scrapped, then the living standards of blacks would drastically decrease and the only response offered by Classic Liberalism would be ''Stop being so damn lazy! it isn't societies fault you're dumb!''.  

And you know what comes next don't you? yep, it's so predictable it makes you want to put your head through a wall, the bleeding hearts on the left are going to say ''You racist bastards! this system is just set up to keep them down and benefit (us) whites!!!''

The Classic Liberal Skeptics would themselves have to promulgate a form of Politically Correctness to stop people seeing that certain groups or rather, certain individuals sharing common traits, were more likely to share similar socio-economic statuses. 

And round and round they dance the merry dance. 

It's almost as if there's some sort of hidden hand controlling the terms of the discourse, ensuring that it remains locked into a simplistic 2 dimensional world, inhabited by people with 2 dimensional thinking dreaming of ways to perfect their 2 dimensional society.

 It's high time this charade was ended, that another set of people with different ideas interrupted their 2-D thinking with 3 or perhaps even 4-D thinking, and yes it will be traumatic for them, but it has to be done... 

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