Monday, 30 October 2017

SS Britannia: Free Speech and Debate

Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy convene once again for another episode of SS Britannia, this week looking at Shelbyville White Lives Matter march, Richard Spencer’s Florida University visit and the recent imprisonment of young Nationalists in Britain for speech crimes and trumped up charges of plotting to murder an MP.

The march went well and even though there were some misgivings about the NSM being involved, surely it is better to have experienced people there to help advise on the logistics of putting on a rally, than not. If the NSM had been involved in the Charlottesville planning then maybe it might not have ended so badly. These marches do well to draw attention to our ideas, as there is no way the mainstream media will air them otherwise as the National Union of Journalists explicitly forbids giving Nationalists a platform for their views or any positive publicity whatsoever.

Spencer’s speech in Florida succeeded in showing the Left in a very bad light, but he could have addressed the fears that minorities have about what would happen to them if they were in an area that was to be turned into an ethno-state. Most seem to think we want to execute them all, but it would be a simple matter to offer them incentives to either return to their country of origin or move to an area containing only their own ethnicity.

The American Alt-Right is already looking ahead to mid-term elections and the goal should be to build upon what Trump has started and eventually get a White Nationalist in office. It looks like Spencer is already aiming for this and he could succeed, when you take into account that over 50% of White Americans feel they are being discriminated against and 10% are already on board with White supremacy in White countries. Debating Leftists is where our strength lies, so taking the fight to them in the universities is a good strategy. We know they are incapable of answering the facts when they are confronted with them, which is why they constantly try to de-platform us and the audience at Florida did not fail to live up to expectations in this, making complete fools of themselves by acting like spoilt brats trying to shout Spencer into silence instead of offering any sensible rebuttals to his position.

The British authorities are so terrified of what we say that they would rather lock us up than debate us and this is really something the Civic Nationalists should be highlighting, as well as Ethno-Nationalists. An important Enlightenment value is that we may not agree with what someone says, but we should defend their right to say it above all else. Popular figures on the Right in Britain should be using their voice in the mainstream media to draw attention to the government’s classification of a peaceful protest group as ‘terrorists’ in order to stop them criticising government immigration policy.

The right to free speech is essential to what it means to be human and once a jury hears how the race laws have impinged on that right, they will surely have to find Nationalists like Jez Turner and Alison Chabloz innocent of all charges against them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy

SS Britannia: Free Speech and Debate – SS 103017

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