Monday, 2 October 2017

SS Britannia: Just Call Them Terrorists If They Wont Break the Law

Radio Aryan

Loads of subjects to discuss this week in SS Britannia and Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy begin with the news that Amber Rudd has now banned Scottish Dawn and NS131 because she thinks they are aliases for the elusive National Action. If the alleged members of these groups had ever committed any crimes you can be sure they would have arrested them for doing so, but they haven’t. So the government had to stoop to calling them terrorists in order to silence their dissenting voice. Printing stickers is now ‘preparing for terrorism’ criticising the government online is ‘supporting terrorism’ and having a copy of a National Action blog post from 2 years ago is ‘possession of terrorist documents’. This last one is particularly interesting, as it shows a parallel with the Soviet Union, where literature of a certain type was also forbidden and could get you sent to the gulag.

UKIP have elected a new leader and it was not the popular anti-Islam candidate Anne-Marie Waters but a complete unknown called Henry Bolton. It is shameful of the British Alt-Right not to have got behind Anne-Marie and done all we could to get her elected. We do not have anyone else of her stature that speaks out against Islam, grooming gangs and immigration. The things we disagree with her on are far less important than the things that we do agree with. This will now mean UKIP are completely finished and we have no credible political representation at all, when we could have at least had a counter-jihad party waking people up to the first stages of the Truth.

The Nordic Resistance Movement had their rally in Gothenberg stopped this weekend for similar reasons to the ones given for stopping Charlottesville. Less people appear to have been hurt in Gothenberg, but there is footage of a completely innocent and defenceless Resistance drummer being beaten up by the police. The Jews were particularly wound up over this rally as it took place on Yom Kippur and was due to walk past a synagogue. Perhaps they were worried their attempts to trick homeless people into accepting the Rabbi’s sins may have been disturbed or their prayers to absolve them of future oath-breaking might be over-heard.

The move for independence in Catalonia was predictably met with Spanish police batons on Sunday and we were told that this is completely lawful behaviour on the part of the Madrid government, whereas 99% of Crimea all peacefully voting to join Putin a few years back was Russia invading the Ukraine.

Finally, to end the podcast three positive news stories were also found. taking a stand against sodomy, Roy Moore getting elected and the American Left declaring that the American is flag racist and that all Whites everywhere are oppressing the poor Black American football players.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy

SS Britannia: Just Call Them Terrorists If They Wont Break the Law – SS 100217

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