Monday, 9 October 2017

SS Britannia: United We Stand and Diversity Will Fall

Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy are back for another edition of SS Britannia, starting this week with some discussion on the recent British clamp down on free speech and the media black-out of an anti-terrorism march in London that had over 70,000 supporters. The day before the march a smaller gathering of 70 ethno-nationalists took place for the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston, where much of the conversation was about how the border police had been locking up White Nationalists and denying entry into the country for this year’s Blood and Honour Ian Stuart Memorial weekend. This weekend never has any arrests and never has any trouble, yet people wanting to attend from other countries were treated as if they were suicide bombers. One of those strip searched and made to wear a paper suit was a lawyer from Germany, who pointed out to the police that they were breaking international law by treating people like this. The government must be terrified of our ideas to be going to such lengths to prevent us from discussing them.

The internet is where Nationalism is most successful, a demonstration may be seen by a few hundred people but only a few of them may be our target audience at most, but online our audience can search us out, instead of it being the other way around. This is why Amber Rudd and the rest of them are so keen to remove us from the internet entirely, but every time she opens her mouth she shows how completely clueless she is about how modern technology actually works. She wants to lock people up for streaming videos instead of downloading them and her test to see whether anyone is an extremist is whether they watch the same video more than three or four times. This comes on top of her demanding to be given a back door into encryption services, which would see the entire state and banking sectors put at risk of being hacked. Between her and Theresa May the whole conservative party is doomed and perhaps this was the plan all along.

The only people speaking the truth about what is going on are Nationalists and we are such a small part of the population that it is not beneficial to be attacking each other over doctrinal differences, the most successful ideology will always win anyway and it will be honed to perfection by competing with all the rest. We should be working together using the experience that older Nationalists have, side by side with the technical skills of the younger generation. The American Alt-Right seems better at this than Britain, but still a lot of the problems that occurred at Charlottesville could have been avoided if there had been more communication and less suspicion between young and old.

The last part of the podcast looks at what has happened to Pizzagate and contrasts it with the case of Ted Heath, who was consistently accused of paedophilia while he was alive yet never charged with it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy

SS Britannia: United We Stand and Diversity Will Fall – SS 100917

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