Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Buddha And The Borg

I've recently been paying attention to some YouTube drama centred around a liberal YouTuber called ''Mouthy Buddha''. The story began back in early summer when Mouthy Buddha decided to begin investigating the Alt-Right in a series of well made, highly polished videos. As the series progressed Mouthy Buddha, who I believe is Latino (don't quote me on that) became increasingly sympathetic to the ''Talking Points'' of the Alt-Right which culminated in an objective analysis of ''The Jewish Question'' and even a follow up video called ''Was Hitler A Bad Person?''.

 Needless to say the free thinking Skeptic/classic liberal crowd on YouTube began squawking hysterically and cluck-clucking at discovering yet another from within their ranks had turned to the Dark Side. Sadly it now appears that Mouthy Buddha is undergoing some kind of personal breakdown, he's deleted a few videos and in a livestream entitled ''Walking away from the red pill'' Mouthy Buddha suggests he'll be taking an extended break from YouTube and political commentary.

 This is of course simply the travails of a minor E-Celeb on YouTube, but what interests me is that Mouthy Buddha genuinely was objective in his exploration of White Nationalism, Jewish Power, the history of deep animosity between Jews and European Nationalists, it's an old and bloody history and it left Mouthy Buddha's liberalism, and therefore his identity, in tatters. Mouthy Buddha's ''Red-Pilling'' revealed the flaws in his liberal ideals quite brutally, for example, Mouthy Buddha believes the demographic destruction of white people in their own lands is morally wrong, but what whites would have to do in order to save themselves would be unacceptable. You can almost hear the classic liberal synapses in his brain snapping, and I don't say this to mock or gloat.

 Contemplating all of this made me think of an old episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, I've never been a Trekkie but this episode always stuck with me. The plot features an appearance from the God-like entity known simply as ''Q''. Q warns Captain Picard that the Federation are travelling too far, too fast across the galaxy and they aren't prepared for what lies in wait for them in the outer reaches. Picard, with the usual haughty arrogance of the ''Enlightened'' liberal replies:

 ''We're resolute, we're unwavering, with reason, logic and respect, we're quite prepared for anything which awaits us, thank you very much!''

 Q then clicks his fingers and transports the Enterprise across the galaxy to an uncharted region, within minutes Picard and his crew have ''engaged The Borg''. You can't ''reason'' with The Borg, you can't sit The Borg down and have a debate, offer them a platform and hear their opinions while they in turn listen to your own. The Borg are the anti-thesis to the classic liberal ideal, the show's writers created them for that purpose, the high sounding universal principles breakdown, fall apart. What remains is a far more bestial and cruel reality, you kill and destroy, or you will be killed and destroyed. 
 Picard acknowledges as much when he begs Q to get his ship the hell away from The Borg. Q quips:

'' It's wondrous out here, but it's not for the timid!''

 Both Mouthy Buddha and Captain Picard learned a valuable lesson: Liberalism is a lie, it's the rainbow umbrella ''Humanity'' sits under as they thrust rusty shanks into each other's ribs. The crime is in noticing and exposing the facade. 

Where does one turn when truth is taboo? speak it regardless with everything that entails and attain an inner peace and virtue, or become just like the blow-jobs for stardom feminists of Hollywood and rot from within?.

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