Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Low Hanging Guardian

The day after the ''Far Right'' surge in Austria the Guardian once again displayed their deep connection with the needs and wants of the common man by publishing this:

I'm not even going to bless the article with the usual block quote>reply>block quote>reply method because it's simply not worth it, it's crap, its typical Guardian crap. You don't actually need to delve into the main content, it's all right there in the headline. So just for the lol's let's go through the motions briefly anyway, Gary Younge, The Guardian's ''Editor at large'' proposes that the Western nations abolish the pitiful border security we have now and allow the entire Third World to come and live in Europe and North America.

 What delights would be in store for Austrians, for example, if Younge had his way, what blessings would Younge's ancestral homelands bestow on the idyllic little alpine nation? 

Well, one week before Younge published this tripe and Austrians ''surged'' to the ''Far Right'' this little nugget popped out of the Congo:

As it stands now the good people of Austria can spend a very pleasant evening in a city such as Salzburg sipping peach schnapps and admiring the Romanesque and Gothic architecture before popping off to listen to a flawless rendition of Mozart's Magic Flute. Not too shabby!
 But if Gary Younge and The Guardian had their way Magdalena and Mattias would have the possibility of leaving the Mozart concert, taking in that crisp alpine air, and then taking a selfie with an African woman who's stripped buck naked and about to be publicly raped and beheaded before the public human blood drinking ritual even starts. 

 It's insane. It is not in the interest of Austrians to increase the punish-by-rape and beheading followed up by blood drinking contingent of their population, it is in the interest of Africans to attempt to get into Austria, but that's just tough luck and that's why Austrians voted for the hard Right, they simply don't want this madness in their country.

''Darling, you know what would top this magic moment off perfectly?.....''

The Guardian article above is what could quite accurately be described as ''low hanging fruit''. It's well known by people who have blogs or sites or YouTube channels that, if you get caught short or you're busy and in need of some easy click-bait, some lefty content to tear apart without too much effort, then the Guardian is a 'go-to' source because whatever day it is you're pretty much guaranteed a veritable orchard of juicy low hanging fruit to sink your teeth into.

 By the term ''low hanging fruit'' what we're really talking about is intellectual content or discourse which is extremely easy to critique, to trash, to see through and debunk, and more often than not, to revel in doing so.  All intellectual constructs, ideas and opinions are open to critique, the more solid and reasoned the opinion, the harder it is to critique, the higher the bar is set, that is to say, not many people will be able to offer a valid criticism because not many people are that specialized or intelligent enough.

 Martin Scorsese's ''Goodfellas'' is a nigh on perfect movie, it has no plot-holes and the characters all have motivations which explain their actions, Michael Bay's ''Transformers 4'' is pigswill, only the most advanced film critic could find faults with Goodfellas, and most of them wouldn't even bother to review Transformers 4 unless for the lol's, for the ''low hanging fruit''.

 The Guardian is the intellectual equivalent of Transformers 4, it's a ''Lol-cow'' because the bar to critiquing it is set so unbelievably low everybody and his dog can pile in to take a turn slapping them around for a laugh. 

And the Guardian know it, when you scroll down to the comments under the Gary Younge article you discover the Guardian have rigged the game to spare their blushes and hide their shame by selecting the ideologically correct ones and highlighting them:

44 recommendations.

Now let us tear away the Guardian's fig leaf and expose their embarrassing little secret:

1036 recommendations!

It's actually hard to overstate just how catastrophic this is for the progressive liberal left, an editorial in a mass media outlet such as the Guardian is supposed to be in the business of 'opinion making' but the bar to entry level critique of those opinions has been become so low that anyone who can type can jump in on the anti-progressive feeding frenzy. It's not just that the intellectual content falls flat, but that it becomes weaponized and redirected at the platform and wider intellectual milieu from which it originated.

 In the Europe of old when the barricades were breached, the guards routed and the war lost, many an old general would have retired to the study with a stiff cognac and a pistol, and I suspect many a Guardian columnist has entertained similar thoughts upon  checking their Twitter feed or comments under their articles, but they can't give up, because their ideas are propped up by others with more power, others who sit on a higher branch of the tree..... 

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