Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Collective Failures

Yesterday morning I got up at 05.40 am, just as I do every morning, and prepared myself for another day in my grim factory day job. As I drank my coffee and browsed the comments here under the latest article I listened to a YouTube video by Sargon of Akkad. Sargon's video entitled ''Problems with the Skeptic Community'' was essentially a wake up call to his fellow classic liberals, he suggested that they up their game and pick harder topics, that they should research their subject matter more thoroughly.

 That's all fair enough and I'm well aware of the limitations of classic liberalism, I blogged about it here, here, here and here.

But what ''triggered' me was that at around 7.30 in when Sargon told the Skeptics that:
 ''Come on you've all got can listen to audio books and play video games for 8 hours a day''
 And he's right they do, the issue is that we do not. Because while the Nationalist leaves home for a 10 hour day on the construction site, in the factory or in the office or by the supermarket shelf, the classic liberal Skeptic sits in his undies playing video games and pumping out content which counter signals what we have to say. Of course, all of our enemies are well funded, but the Skeptic Community are self funded, unlike the Marxian left, for example, who are awash in NGO and government funds.

Sargon ends his podcast by complimenting the Alt-Right on how hard we've been working but assures his audience that once they're suitably tooled-up intellectually they'll be ''kicking our arses''. Sargon is currently raking in a cool $9,040 per month via patron money. So okay, Sargon is the ''Big Boy'' let's take a look further down their food chain and see how they're doing.

 Wizard of Cause is another Classic Liberal ''Skeptic'' who moans about collectivists and Neo Nazis while doing a crap Orson Welles impression. Here's a peek at his channel:
And here's his Patreon:

The guy is earning a week's wage off one ten minute video a week, two videos and he's doing very nicely.

Here are some stats for the Morgoth's Review traffic over the last week

And here's my Patreon account:

Now, the first thing I want to stress to here is that this isn't just about me, this is chronic across the entire movement and I've been repeatedly asked to make a post about the problem but refused because, let's be honest, nobody likes to address it, which is probably why it exists in the first place. 

But in private everybody with Nationalistic/Alt-Right platforms is murmuring and hand wringing about this. We're engaged in a meta-political war on multiple fronts against multiple enemies, yet for many of us we can't even begin to analyse arguments and news before we work a 12 hour night shift, spend the day driving a forklift or painting a wall, our enemies do not, they're sitting warm as toast at home looking for ways to tear us down.

And it gets worse yet again when we consider the ideological implications. We argue that racial solidarity enables a group to punch far above its weight in numbers, we understand that ''collectivism'' leads to safety and security in the ethnic chess game that multiculturalism ensures. Now, to get back to the Skeptic Community, they argue against this point vehemently because the individual is paramount. However, it has to be said that the people peddling individualism enjoy far more collective financial support than do the people actually advocating collectivism as their core value!

 What the Skeptics have done very well is to have lots of people donating small amounts, Wizard of Cause has 112 people donating $501 per video, that's $4,4 per person per video on average. If everybody who reads this post by the time I get in from work tomorrow donated just $10 via Patreon or Hatreon (I'm likely to be banned from Patreon) per month I'd be in a position to go full throttle.

 On a more personal note, it depresses me that I can't do more, every day I'm sent links and outrage stories, every day the rape and pillaging of our people carries on, I have a platform, it's relatively popular, but I'm stuck pushing a button instead of doing what I should be doing. It's deeply disheartening, as are the replies I have to send to people ''I just wish I had the time'' over and over again.

I apologize for the rather maudlin tone of this post but I believe things are better out in the open. I'd like to thank once again the people who have donated and will leave links below for anyone who wishes to donate a small amount in the future, because many twigs make a strong a bundle.

That way lies strength.


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