Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Is The SJW A Failed Experiment Of The Left?

I try to stear clear of blogging about Social Justice Warriors and their antics because bashing the SJW is a crowded field these days and what the SJW's actually have to say is largely irrelevant when one can go directly to the (usually Jewish) source of their doctrines and ideas. The very term ''Social Justice Warrior'' is one of ridicule and derision, they are the ''Special Snowflakes'' the object of a million memes lampooning sad feminists and skinny white men lamenting their ''White Privilege''.

 However, rather than write another post lampooning their ideas which I've done before and, let's be honest will probably do again, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what their purpose was supposed to be and where it all went so horribly wrong. And it has gone wrong, the Left leaning media has spent much of the post Brexit and Trump earthquakes debating among themselves whether or not Social Justice is of any use to the wider New Left project and the consensus seems to be increasingly ''No!''.

 The SJW was supposed to be a vanguard of Cultural Marxists who'd help pave the way for the wider Globalist vision, a legion of crack-troops created by academia and the New Left to pull the discourse toward the Globalist ideal and Globalist values system. The so-called ''Great Meme War of 2016'' was essentially the elites calling on their vanguard to hold the line and advance but realizing that they'd invested in a dud. Instead of charging forth to engage with and defeat a resurgent populist Right in ideological battle, the elites gawped in despair as their troops crawled into ''safe spaces'', frantically blocked everybody on social media, cried and wailed hysterically, become a living meme, the infamous ''Special Snowflake''.

 In my post called ''The Meta-Politics of the Great Shutdown'' I argued that with the ideas of the Cultural Marxist Left failing to appeal to broad swathes of the European population of the West the elites themselves would have to enter the arena of public discourse, and 2017 has certainly seen them wade in with new laws, sites and channels being removed and demands on social media bosses to tackle ''Hate'' which they define as any idea or concept they dislike.

 Such draconian methods would not have been necessary if their SJW's had been able to contain or defeat the ideas of the populist Right. That they systematically failed to do so, or even tried to do so, meant that the Money Power and political class became increasingly exposed, along with their agenda, which now appears extraordinarily totalitarian, genocidal and morally repulsive.

So what went so wrong? In order to better understand why the SJW's have flopped we need to take a look at the concept of ''Intersectionality'' which lies at the very heart of Social Justice thinking, according to Wikipedia:
Intersectionality proposes that all aspects of one's identity need to be examined as simultaneously interacting with each other and affecting one's privilege and perception in society, and that these facets of identity cannot simply be observed separately. As such, intersectionality is not simply a view of personal identity, but rather an overarching analysis of power hierarchies present within identities. The framework of intersectionality also provides an insight into how multiple systems of oppression interrelate and are interactive
Sift through the turgid Marxist terminology and what you're reading is the raw ideology which has informed a thousand Daily Mail articles on ''one legged Somalian lesbians''. The ''intersection'' is where various characteristics which constitute victim status meet, the more of those characteristics an individual has, the greater their share of victim points and the higher they score on the Marxian moral hierarchy. And so a typical victim group would be ''Black'' which could be built upon in victim status by ''Black-Female'' and then still further by ''Black-Female-Lesbian''. White people are of course at an immediate disadvantage and, in my opinion, white SJW's try to compensate for their lack of victim points by moving in the direction of bizarre sexual identities, hence the ever increasing spiral of transgender and bi-sexual subgroups.

The individual, then, will view the world through a prism of oppression and their own victim-hood, the cause is no longer ''Bread for the masses'' because there are no masses, there's simply themselves and their own unique ''identity''. They are their own cause!. And the problem with such self obsession is that it does not equate to mass political activism.

A rather weighty article in the Left Wing ''New Statesmen'' called ''How the modern addiction to identity politics has fractured the left'' describes very well what the Left have been doing to their raw recruits in the universities and higher education:
What matters about these academic trends is that they give an intellectual patina to the narcissism that almost everything else in our society encourages. If our young student accepts the mystical idea that anonymous forces of power shape everything in life, she will be perfectly justified in withdrawing from democratic politics and casting an ironic eye on it. If, as is more likely, she accepts the all-American idea that her unique identity is something she gets to construct and change as the fancy strikes her, she can hardly be expected to have an enduring political attachment to others, and certainly cannot be expected to hear the call of duty towards them.
 Instead, she will find herself in the hold of what might be called the Facebook model of identity: the self as a home page I construct like a personal brand, linked to others through associations I can “like” and “unlike” at will. Intersectionality is too ephemeral to serve as a lasting foundation for solidarity and commitment.
Any mass political movement requires that the individual sacrifice part of their own ego for the greater good. The SJW has no requirement to do so because their political activism is their own ego, their own ''identity'' their brand as a homosexual, or Black woman, or tranny comes before a wider political objective. The SJW is legendary for blocking people and fleeing from debate, because...why bother? they aren't in the business of converting you to an overarching political vision they're in the business of both celebrating and mourning themselves. Needless to say, this extreme narcissism serves only to repulse the ''masses'' and increase the reputation of the SJW as bizarre freak worthy of nothing but derision and scorn.

 It's interesting to contrast the self absorbed and fragile SJW's with the populist Right, unlike the SJW they aren't pushing at an open door and the elites aren't in agreement with anything the populist Right have to say, yet day in day out legions of ''trolls'' tirelessly hammer away at the establishment's ideals without recognition, without awards ceremonies or gushing galas of champagne socialists celebrating them. All they can look forward to is eventual doxing, public shaming and ostracism or even a prison sentence, nevertheless, they've gone through the SJW's like grit through snow for the last two years. 

 Where we would be now if the SJW's had been able to hold the line against the coalition emanating from the Right? The ''normies'' would be appalled that such warm and caring people were slurred as ''Special Snowflakes'', they'd be disgusted by all the #Rapefugees memes, Left leaning parties would be storming the polls across the West, Hillary Clinton would be president of the U.S.

 Anybody who has played a war strategy game on a computer will be aware of the problem of investing your resources in ground-troops which prove to be obsolete as soon as they meet the enemy, caution is thrown to wind as a ''Total War'' footing is adopted, and while this may seem hyperbolic, Angel Merkel literally has Facebook police and in Britain Amber Rudd threatens to jail people reading dissident literature for a decade.

This has pretty much been the story of 2017 in meta-political terms with our Talmudic masters increasingly exposing themselves, and their levels of control, to compensate for the shabby performance of their drones.

 The fact remains though, that these ''drones'' are primarily our own people, they've been sent mad through indoctrination to serve as proxies for a people who loathe them, so let us see an end to ''Social Justice'' and the mental abuse it inflicts on our people, let us see the true face of these sorcerers and have at it once and for all..

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