Tuesday, 14 November 2017

SS Britannia: Honeypot Spies in the UK Alt-Right

No Brutus of Troy this week, instead there is a solo podcast from Sven Longshanks looking at infiltration of the ‘so-called’ Far Right in Britain, particularly the Hope Not Hate spy who deceived the London Forum and the three tarts who tried to infiltrate the National Front, Generation Identity, For Britain and Heritage & Destiny, with varying success. These girls are little better than prostitutes, selling their feminine charms to the highest bidder to use them to sneakily film people who have been decent enough to invite them into their meetings, or to offer them a lift home.

The first documentary exposed nothing at all that wasn’t already promoted on websites and the second just exposed the perversity of it’s producers in supporting paedophilia and the replacement of White Christian babies with brown Moslem ones. After a whole year spent trying to record something shocking they failed completely and even ended up having to pretend the context was different for what they did have.

The real point of these documentaries is to intimidate people into not going to meetings or joining organisations out of fear that they might be spied upon while in there. It must have cost a fortune to make them, the last one was put on prime time tv and they even paid extra money to not have any adverts in the first 40 minutes.

Instead of interviewing Nationalists and asking straight forward questions so the context can be seen by the viewer, they prefer to ask groups linked to left-wing terrorism like Hope Not Hate and the UAF what it is the Nationalists are saying and the National Union of Journalists even specifies that this should be done instead of being honest about it. This last documentary even went so far as to convict former members of National Action before they had even had their day in court. Perhaps this program could be of use to them in getting their cases thrown out, after jury tampering by the mainstream media?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

SS Britannia: Honeypot Spies in the UK Alt-Right – SS 111317

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