Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sympathy For The Death Penalty

I found myself weirdly excited this week by President Trump's demand that the New York terrorist be executed for his crimes against the American people, and I certainly wasn't alone, I was but one of the 169,000 people who ''liked'' Trump's Tweet and the idea of putting this man down like a dog.

Trump knew that his base would want the ultimate punishment for the Muslim terrorist, and as their representative, their mouthpiece, their dispenser of justice, he was quite prepared to give them it. This is of course an inherently ''populist'' position in which the baying mob is appeased and their blood-lust satiated. Many years ago the subject of capital punishment was discussed on the ghastly BBC program ''The Daily Politics'', the gay Tory Michael Portillo argued that the British political class knew that the public would vote for a return to the death penalty if given the choice but that they, the political class, had ruled it out. For Portillo it was fine to allow the masses a say over certain decisions but not others, sometimes the enlightened elites had to step in and quell the savagery of the proles.

 The death penalty lingered on in the British statute books for High Treason for some years. Tony Blair, the epitome of the aloof internationalist traitor, scrapped the death penalty in Britain entirely just as his treasonous schemes were gathering pace. 

 What we see is an emerging dichotomy wherein the ''people of nowhere'' favour a nihilistic, values free orgy which tramples underfoot the values and well-being of the ''people from somewhere''. The problem is the people of somewhere have no means by which to hold the ''nowhere's'' to account or defend themselves. The Brexit referendum was decided by the ''somewhere's'' but the nowhere's are adamant that the vote be overturned, and there's nothing to be done about it. 

Let us then imagine that the death penalty for treason still existed, the discussion within elitist circles would not be ''How can we shaft the public?'' it would instead be ''Is this treason?'' the shadow of the gallows would inform all of their actions and force them to serve the public good.

The nightmare scenario of course is a situation where the ''internationalist clique'' use the death penalty against their enemies, the bloodbath of Judeo-Bolshevism being a prime example. It could of course be argued that if the Russian royal family had had people such as Leon Trotsky shot the revolution would never have happened to begin with, but at any rate, scenarios of (legal) mass shootings and bodies in pits aren't likely to be seen in Europe any time soon. 

Neither do I believe it likely that somebody will be hanged for reading 4chan. However, somebody such as Thomas Mair, the killer of Jo Cox, would be hanged by the present elites, of that I'm certain. But I could live with that, they could not because executing such a nobody is not worth running the risk of Tony Blair or George Soros or Angela Merkel being put on trial and facing lethal injection or The Chair.

 It is no coincidence that the rise of a Neo Marxist, Internationalist hegemony has run parallel to the abolition of the death penalty all across the West except some states in America. The world being handed to the gentile is one of actions without consequences, nothing has weight, it's an existence devoid of true meaning, eat your hamburger and watch the hilarious new Adam Sandler movie with the farting granny and be happy. By contrast the death penalty is an outright refutation of that position, the individual does indeed have responsibilities beyond the self, the further you wander off that path the closer you come to the noose.

 With populist and Nationalistic parties on the rise across the West it is perhaps time they included reinstalling the death penalty in their platforms, actions have consequences, and when Western liberals see parties surging in the polls who advocate that treason be met with a trial and execution, while they are themselves being accused by the baying mob of treason, the psychological impact will be crippling. To advocate bringing back capital punishment for High Treason, or ''Crimes against the people's of Europe'' automatically carries with it moral authority because the assumption is that the people advocating for it are not traitors, and that the present elites are.

 When the Prime Minister of Sweden is handed a memo explaining that the party which wants to put him on trial for his life is now at 25% in the polls we'll know we're on the right track, and the traitors will know the seriousness of their crimes, and that the wood for their gallows is being chopped, the rope for the noose woven....

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