Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Going It Alone

I've decided to stop hosting SS Britannia here at Morgoth's Review and feel a brief post is in order to clarify why. At present SS Britannia amounts to 40% of the content posted at this blog and I find that a bit too much, especially when all SS Britannia podcasts can be found at Radio Aryan. Having almost half the content of the blog come from elsewhere puts me in the rather odd situation of attaching myself to views and opinions with which I might not actually agree or endorse. One possible result of this is that the blog violates a code or law which results in the entire blog being shut down, for something which I didn't write and didn't agree with.

 The second issue I have concerns wider movement drama which I always try and keep out of main blog posts because there's far more interesting things I could be blogging about. However, I find the idea of a concerted effort by men to bullying and harass women out of the Nationalist movement one of the most retarded and self defeating idiocies ever to emanate from within our ranks. And yet the co-host of SS Britannia appears to be fully signed up to the project.

 Now, I do not want to be a part of that, do not want to be associated with that and I'm not giving a platform to somebody involved with that.

 I want to stress that I bear no ill feeling or animosity toward Sven Longshanks whatsever, I've discussed the matter with him at length and he fully understands where I'm coming from. Indeed, we've discussed the possibility of working together on a future project.

 For now though, I'll be going it alone...

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