Monday, 4 December 2017

SS Britannia: Blue Bloods Replaced by Black Bloods

Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks hosts another solo edition of SS Britannia, starting this week by addressing some of the comments left after last week’s podcast. The negative comments did not really bear any relevance to the content, instead they pretended the references cited didn’t exist and one commenter even decided that it was about ancient Greece, rather than British history.

There are different breeds within the White race, but that does not mean we cannot share in the achievements of those breeds. If people are White, then they are a part of our extended family and there are many different branches of the race, not just the rather recent divisions into Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean. If Whites were dogs, then the different White ethnicities could be likened to different pedigrees and the other races compared to dingoes or jackals. The Nordic type makes the ideal White caricature, because it shows a type that there can be no argument over whether it is pure or not, the same as a caricature of a Negro would be pitch black with accentuated Negro attributes. Prince Harry in particular is going to discover something about these differences between the races as his mulatto wench ages and the royal engagement features quite a lot in the podcast.

The royal family were regularly in the news last week and besides the race-mixing prince, there was also a curse pronounced by an Anglican vicar against prince George. He called for people to pray that the prince turns gay, which means praying for the lad to be molested, since that is the only known way to turn someone into a sodomite.

The music break is up next and this week it comes from TequilaMockingBird, now going by the name of Storm King and the tune is called ‘Comfy’.

After that we get to the Trump tweets and how glorious it was to see the establishment falling over themselves to condemn him for drawing attention to Moslems throwing people off buildings. Surely this alone must have woken up many to the treason our government is perpetuating against us.

More good news came in the form of an independent review into the UTR rally in Charlottesville that vindicates everything we have said about the violence being the fault of the governor and the police and on top of that, we were also treated to Andrew Anglin’s lawyer’s response to Tanya Gersh.

All in all it was a very good week last week.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

SS Britannia: Blue Bloods Replaced by Black Bloods - SS 120417

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