Friday, 1 December 2017

The Big Troll

Donald Trump did not push the guy off the roof in the Middle East, neither did Donald Trump beat up the Dutch kid on crutches, Britain First didn't either, all they did was present the public with evidence of what Muslims actually do. If Hillary Clinton Retweeted a video of Christians in Russia killing a gay or gang of white men setting about a black kid on crutches she'd be lauded to the heavens by the very people now trying to ban(!) Donald Trump from entering Britain. 

Their rank hypocrisy is all too easy to dismantle because it's so predicable, they don't really care too much about some dead queer in the desert, they care about their agenda, they care about perpetuating the Anti-White narrative.

 We need look no further than the BBC's "Question Time''  to see this narrative being pushed upon the native British population.....

The purpose of the BBC's ''flagship'' political debate program is not to inform the (white) British public, not to present them with a wide ranging set of arguments and opinions but to tell them what to think and remind them that if they think incorrectly they'll be publicly shamed and ritually humiliated.

The format reflects this, of the four panelists three will be metropolitan liberals, sometimes topped off with a hard leftist, or a Jew,  the fourth panelist will be the token, broken conservative who is allotted the role of Edward Woodward in The Wicker Man, a dupe to climb up onto the pyre and be set alight while the carefully selected audience of liberals and lefties jeer and chant as his or her skin bubbles and cracks.

This week's panel featured Chuka Ummuna, a prominent half-caste Labour politician who is often referred to as 'the British Obama''. A full blown African ''conservative''  Sam Gyimah, who seems to be running our prison system(!) somebody from The Times newspaper and Yanis Varoufakis, the Guardian writer and left wing celeb.

 Mercifully, the first section of the show was dedicated to Trump's Hate Tweets and Chucka Britbama hits the ground running by unloading an entire magazine of Neo Marxist shutdown words into Trump:

The African guy who runs our prisons affects an air of stoicism and endurance in the face of Trump's Tweetocaust, explaining that he's ''uncomfortable'' and that Britain is already divided and inviting Trump, who is divisive, will not help the nation become less divided, because he's divisive, the whole situation is uncomfortable...and divisive.

After this stunning display of African intellect, this invaluable injection of Sub-Saharan IQ into the Anglo-Saxon gene-pool, it's now time for the Ango-Saxon himself to give an opinion.

 Henry Bolton fulfills his role of ''fool for the day'' white British man by denouncing a hate group called ''Britain First'' and Donald Trump, but then he goes for it. In what must amount to climbing over a trench adorned in flashing Christmas lights on a dark night, Henry Bolton gently and mildly points out that some people are rather concerned at being ethnically cleansed and replaced by an unending tide of Muslims. How Dare He?

Chuka Britbama is absolutely astonished that such hate is entering his ears and is left literally speechless, scoffing and head shaking at the Wrong Think to rapturous applause by the pre-approved audience. The mob dims slightly as the ''wrong side of the bars'' black prison boss lines up for the next blow ''That is appalling! you don't defeat hate by inciting hate!'' triggering the audience into a frenzy of self righteous blood-lust and moral condemnation, and he's the conservative.

 But Henry Bolton's point is objectively true, a massive amount of people in Britain are deeply concerned with the growth of Islam. 

Consider that Sam Gyimah is a member of the political establishment in Britain and features on prime time TV shows, he has 17,000 Followers on Twitter. Jayda Fransen of Britain First, who lies at the heart of this entire controversy, is never allowed on BBC discussion programs and is facing jail for her views, yet she has 89,000 Followers on Twitter.

 Cucka Britbama is the next big hope of the British left and patiently waiting for Corbyn's Commie revolution to play out before going for the Labour top job, he has 243,000 Followers on Twitter while Tommy Robinson has 390,000 Followers. And yet these diversity hires lecture us on what the values of Britain are, mouthing Jewish authored slogans and morality from the mass media while the needs and wants of the native population are literally laughed at and mocked. 

 So who are they speaking to? they're speaking to themselves in their self imposed ''safe space''.

 They are like a species of ant who've entombed themselves in their nest for so long they've gone blind. Donald Trump seems to be well aware of this and takes great delight in periodically kicking the top off the nest to see them panic and scuttle around under the glare of sunlight, and I for one thoroughly enjoy watching him do it.

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