Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Lexicon Of Globalism

I was recently looking something up on Google and noticed that when you type certain words into its search engine you're sometimes provided with additional information on that word, its root, whether it is a verb or a noun and so on. But what caught my eye is that for some words Google as added a little graph which details how frequently that word has been used over the last 200 years. I'm going to assume that these statistics are being pulled from Google's vast library of books, sites and articles. 

 What I find fascinating about this tool is that it's essentially a reflection of what is occupying people's minds over time, just to pick a neutral example here's the frequency of the word ''Horse''.

We can see that over time fewer people were using the word ''horse'' because the role of the horse in society was being gradually diminished by the advent of the car. There's a slight uptick in our present era, probably due to horse riding as a hobby.

 However, it seems to me that if there's a dramatic increase in the usage of a word it's a sign that there's a revolution, or great invention, or a wider agenda being forced through. So with that in mind let us punch in some more topical phrases and words starting with ''Globalism''.







So all of the above words have seen a gigantic spike in usage since the 60's, they are the words of Globalism, Cultural Marxism and  Jewish hegemony. That is what we talk about now, within the present Zeitgeist.

 But it works the other way too, not only can we chart which words have had a boost over the last 50 years or so, but equally we can also see the words which have dropped out of favour, and the key here is that if people are no longer using these words they probably aren't thinking them either.





So what we're looking at here is a broad shift which was initiated in the 60's, spearheaded by Jewish academics which has utterly transformed the West, words such a ''tender'' and ''moral'' have been replaced with conjured up synthetic words such as ''tolerance'' and the spike in the first segment reveals that since the 90's their project has been cranked up exponentially. I do not need to detail again here the nuts and bolts of the ideas and players as I've done that before.

But let us get back to the 60's, if my theory is true then we can expect to see a massive spike in people using the word ''revolution''.

And we can also assume that this revolution being spearheaded by Jewish academics would operate within a moral prism, or rather after a founding event which would replace traditional Western, European morality with something else and that the usage of that word would spike dramatically in the 60's:

It's time for a counter-revolution.

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