Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Skeptic Gatekeeper Falls

I've had a few people contact me to ask if I'll be blogging about the current collapse of the YouTube Skeptic community, to be honest I hadn't intended to as it seems like that's all the political internet is talking about, and has been talking about for weeks. A comprehensive background on the drama can be found on Millennial Woes channel in his recent discussion with Jean Francois Gariepy here 

 However, I have blogged relatively frequently about the YouTube Skeptic community and it'd be amiss of me not to comment now. Before I began the blog I wasn't even aware of this ''community'' on YouTube with very large audiences. I became aware of them by people posting links to their videos in the comments here. When I began to watch their ''content'' I began to realize the draw of this material, it pandered to European discontent but left Europeans ''safe'' by not offering a fundamental change or challenge to how the West was, the way it was, or how we arrived here, there were no solutions, only more pain for our people, however, they did get to feel somewhat morally superior to racists and Muslims and feminists.

 Furthermore, from a strictly strategic perspective having a slew of massive YouTube channels turn on the embryonic Alt-Right Nationalist movement and receive the same bludgeoning that was being dished out to SJW's would be less than helpful. Not because their arguments are superior to ours, but because the currency of the internet is in up-votes and Retweets rather than truth and such hit-pieces would hamper our work of raising white racial awareness.

 As I saw it they were the Big Boys on the largest video sharing platform on earth and sooner or later we were going to clash, we were in the business of racializing Europeans for their own benefit, they were in the business of maintaining the status quo and peddling individualism. They had much to lose, we had much to gain.

From this perspective the Skeptics (with the possible exception of Sargon) were not helping in the cause of white racialism but impeding it, they were yet another ''Gatekeeper'' misdirecting whites into a dead end of degeneracy and individualism. And now the Gatekeeper has fallen.

 White racial awareness, or the ''Red-Pill'' too often seems to be sealed off from our people, there's always a shill, always a tool of Zion, always a snake oil merchant offering easy solutions. In a long forgotten post I compared white self interest to the white walkers in Game of Thrones, seemingly doomed to dwell behind a giant wall forever, never moving on toward their destiny. 

Well, as this clip shows in spectacular fashion, walls do fall, and we can advance once again.

As this year draws to a close let us ensure that by this time next year White Nationalism is the dominant political narrative on YouTube....

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