Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Liberated From Twitter

So I've now joined the ranks of the fallen on Twitter and became another politically incorrect dissident purged from Twitter's free speech platform. I'd like to thank all my brethren for expressing their sadness at my departure and wish them continued success in their aim to subvert Twitter's core ideals and turn the platform into a red-pill production line.

 However, I doubt I'll be back, or joining Gab as has been suggested. In actual fact, being banned from Twitter seems like sweet relief. 

 At what point in my life did I become interested in what a greasy Romanian YouTuber said to a French/Canadian biologist? When did having a prominent E-Celeb ''like'' my Tweet begin to feel like biting into the truffle bit of a posh chocolate? 

 Twitter doesn't start off that way, everyone on Twitter joined with a ''Yeah, I'm here too, I know it's crap but... whatever...'' roll the eyes attitude but then the shift starts.  If I retweet a big account will they notice and give me a retweet back? I can't be bothered to get into a discussion with that guy who just replied so I'll just do a courtesy ''like'' instead, will he know?

 Twitter is a place where millions of people click about in a permanent state of high alert so that when something actually happens they can be the first in there with a killer Tweet or the most cutting meme. A multitude of political factions compete to promulgate their own narrative, their own agenda, it's just that the Alt-Right are the best at it and that's why we're being censored. 

The problem is endlessly scrolling through feeds and notifications, memes and horror headlines does not lend itself to nuanced thinking but to quick-fix stimulation and a permanent need to ''keep up with the latest'' while the notifications, replies and retweets flow in, all of which you feel compelled to checkout before squeezing one more Tweet out.

 If I were to describe Twitter in one word it would be ''clutter'', rearranging clutter, responding to clutter, searching out yet more clutter, and knowing full well that it is leaving you with the attention span of a flea. It's to fight the good fight though, if we don't get our message out there somebody else will, that's true enough, but I have been mercifully retired and can now get back to writing blog posts without all of the clutter.

 A long standing issue has been with posting the URL to this blog on Twitter, I found a way around that by changing the ''.com'' to '''' in the future however, I'll link to an Alt-Right Alt-Tech site which allows those still in the Twitter trenches to shorten the links to articles, you can find it here.

And so with Twitter no longer impeding on my severely limited time I'll be getting back to basics and working on some projects I've been meaning to do for a while, including an exploration of the Skeptic Liberalist philosophy, an analysis of a Mel Gibson film and a look at the psychology of the Brexit ''Remain'' loons. As well as more off the cuff ''Madhouse'' style posts.

As always donations mean I can justify refusing to do overtime in order to blog so any donations are welcome. Thank you and all the best to everyone.

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