Monday, 19 March 2018

No Russian Ever Called Me A Racist

No Russian ever called me a racist. Vladimir Putin is not advocating that I be jailed for 15 years for reading ''Far Right'' propaganda. The Russian people are not responsible for unending, genocidal levels of Third World immigration and Vladimir Putin did not cover up the mass rape of English girls by those Third World peoples. Neither are the Russians responsible for driving white children mad with the abomination of transgenderism and the resultant fad of mutilating their own genitals.

 The British liberal classes and their media which oozes hatred and contempt for the native population on a daily basis, which views our wish to live alone on our own soil as a virus which must expunged is not Russian or connected to Vladimir Putin. In actual fact the people who demand I hate the Russians and their leader are the exact same people who've set about annihilating me and mine, the same newspapers, the same TV channels, the same ''Witzes'' and ''Cohens'', the same pundits and tedious politicians, the very same.

 It's amazing, genuinely amazing to contemplate that the exact same people who've made it illegal to be perceived to ''hate'' Muslims or Africans or Jews, now hold that it is imperative that I hate the Russian, that I treat them with suspicion and contempt, as the Globalist media machine belches out crude propaganda designed specifically to sow animosity.   

 As an Englishman on English soil I bear no ill will or feeling to the Russian on Russian soil, I have no reason to, I wish the Russian people all the best for the future. But the nest of parasites who rule my nation won't have it, won't allow it.

 The arrogance of the ''Internationalist Clique'' knows no bounds, it is insurmountable. Out of one side of their mouths they castigate the white man for his ''privilege'' and unease at being dispossessed in his own land, while out of the other side of their mouths drips a faux authority and expectation that the white man should fight and die in wars against people from whom he has received no malice or threats, no insults or humiliations.

 The treachery and deceit is so colossal it simply beggars belief! Indeed, our people's minds find it nigh on impossible to comprehend because lies on this scale are alien to the European like a desert is to the whale. In our own House of Lords a speaker suggests asking Islamic figureheads if they'll place a Fatwa on the raping and torturing of English girls, in our own land(!) but the media buried the issue under a deluge of anti-Putin/Russia rhetoric.

 How can a system so cruel, so vindictive and so treacherous expect to command allegiance from people they so openly and blatantly despise? We owe them nothing, absolutely nothing and if they want to fight the Russians in Siberia then they can send their legions of Third World imports.

As the brilliant Paddy Tarleton sang ''No Russian ever called me white trash, so fuck your war!''

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