Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Wailing Mural

Personally I prefer how far right Nationalists depict cabals of scheming Globalists and merchants to this leftist entry into the genre, I feel that the lefty propaganda lacks the bite and sense of urgency of right wing incarnations, but whatever, Jeremy Corbyn liked the one above, and oh dear...what a shit-show!

It's an issue of fundamental human rights, you see, any illustrations, cartoons or art depicting a malignant internationalist cabal oppressing humanity is an infringement upon the human rights of Jews because they see themselves being depicted as that cabal for some reason.

Matthew D'Ancona is not the only Jewish journalist at The Guardian eager to point out the inhumanity of Jews seeing themselves in a cartoon mural, Hadley Freeman has had enough too, indeed, ''Enough is Enough'' was their battle cry. Writing in The Guardian Hadley wails:
I was furious after a weekend of watching his supporters – members of the public, journalists I once respected, various MPs – insist that this was all nonsense, a smear, a Zionist conspiracy designed to bring down infallible Jeremy. Quite how Jews have the wherewithal to conspire against Corbyn by cunningly making him endorse antisemites without his knowledge is never explained. So let’s get something straight: if someone has actually done something, reporting that action is not “a smear”, it’s “reporting”. And suggesting Jews always have an ulterior motive, even when reacting to antisemitism, is really not the best way to prove that you’re not antisemitic.
Neither is it explained why Jewish people are so offended by cartoons of internationalist bankers lording it over humanity, Hadley, but we can't ask you because that'd be an anti-semitic hate crime too.

 In order to dispel the anti-semitic myth of Jews disproportionately influencing politics and finance and media, hundreds of prominent politicians and journalists instantly took to social media and the MSM and even the streets! for the sole purpose of disavowing Corbyn's enjoyment of a badly painted mural 6 years ago.

 What I found interesting about this episode was not so much the Jewish reaction, which was entirely predictable, but rather the nauseating sycophancy of the gentile liberal classes. Owen Jones is a man who's no stranger to a good hard cucking, but even by his standards his Tweets were ridiculously pompous:
A thousand English girls can be victims of bigotry, oppression and truly horrific exploitation and these people won't even blink, Jeremy Corbyn showed appreciation for a painted mural six years ago which offends Jews and it's an all-hands-on-deck emergency.

As I browsed the Tweets and opinion pieces it occurred to me what I was actually seeing, the various liberal luvvies and politicians were trying to ''out-do'' one another in their condemnation of the mural of hate. Nobody wanted to fall behind, nobody wanted to be seen as a faker or half hearted denouncer of anti-semitism. This wasn't respect or compassion for the Jewish community, it was fear.

 There's an old video clip of Joseph Stalin giving a speech, when he finishes the speech ''Uncle Jo'' casts his steely gaze upon the frantically clapping audience, the applause doesn't stop, it goes on and on, and on. Nobody wants to be the first to stop cheering and hysterically lauding the Great Leader because he'll be spotted and shot.

 The weird fawning behaviour of the British liberal establishment reminds me of that Stalin speech, not that Owen Jones will be shot for not Tweeting his faux outrage, but it can easily be arranged that his career takes a dive and he ends up writing for the Hull Gazette, forever, if his outrage isn't sufficiently expressed in public.

 I do try and keep references to Orwell and 1984 to an absolute minimum in blog posts, but the resemblance of the British liberal classes to the ''Outer Party'' of 1984 is striking indeed. The Inner Party (whoever they may be) are afforded some degree of intellectual freedom and ''privilege''. The Proles, to which I and most of the people reading this blog will belong, are also afforded a degree of freedom because we're deemed to be too lacking in ''intellect'' and don't have any power anyway.

 However, the Outer Party, which comprises about 15% of the population, must be the most ideologically conformist, the most intellectually submissive, the most ''Politically Correct'' because it is they who are operating the organs of the state, the propaganda departments and the education systems. If they begin to crack and actually display what they themselves would call ''Critical Thinking'' then serious problems emerge for the entire system.

 It behooves the Inner Party, then, to sporadically whip the Outer Party into shape, to remind them who is boss and then have them scamper over each other to win the good graces of their masters. I guess if you're in the thick of it then it's a serious business, but from the outside they have the appearance of weird insect creatures.

 But I don't pity them, such creatures are not to be pitied, but studied........

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