Monday, 23 April 2018

Living In A Madhouse: St Stephen Lawrence Day

Back in the old days when I frequented the Telegraph blogs section, before it became just another vanilla yawn-fest, the endless regurgitation of the Stephen Lawrence murder by the establishment began to become something of a running joke. As soon as one enquiry turned up nothing a new investigation would be launched into why nothing new had been found in the previous one and that in itself would trigger a whole new set of investigations, and so on.

 The implication and then via the Macpherson report, accusation, was that the entire British police service was institutionally racist, if institutional racism was not found then it was simply a sign of the racism being so pervasive that it warranted yet another investigation.

 In the meantime Lawrence's mother was wafted into the House of Lords, despite having no qualifications beyond shelf stacking or toilet cleaning, it didn't matter, a narrative was being crafted from on high and such petty issues could be shelved.

 In Tom Wolfe's ''Bonfire of the Vanities'' Wolfe writes brilliantly of the Jewish district attorney (Weiss) obsessing over finally landing the ''Great White Defendant''. The New York justice and penal system is essentially a meat-grinder which mechanically processes Latinos and blacks into the prison complex. Weiss yearns for the day when, finally, a well-healed White Anglo Saxon male lands in his clutches.

 This is what the Stephen Lawrence murder meant to the British liberal classes and establishment, except in reverse, here, finally, they had a black victim of a white knife attack and they were never, ever, ever, going to allow the native British population to forget it, not ever.

 It was the Macpherson report and it's findings which broke the British police and led them into a tragic maelstrom of getting jiggy with it at the Notting Hill Carnival, the transgender indoctrination, the turning a blind eye to the Islamic rape gangs, the general shambles of the force today.

However, the purpose of the endless investigations was to keep the memory of St Stephen alive in the minds of the public. It was to instill guilt and shame, it was so the liberals could prove themselves correct that every white man is a racist psycho waiting to murder innocent black teenagers. It didn't matter that Kris Donald was castrated and burned alive by Pakistanis, it didn't matter that Lee Rigby was beheaded in broad daylight or that Charlene Downes DNA was found in kebab meat, what mattered was their narrative.

 Through relentless repetition Stephen Lawrence was promoted from being a tragic case, to an example of the race hate in every white British heart, up into martyrdom and eventually becoming a one man Treblinka, a veritable weapon of white guilt and mass self-loathing.

 The problem is people grow weary, you can almost hear the conversations taking place in the bowels of government:

 Mandarin:''What should we do? we haven't had a Lawrence enquiry for 3 years and people are becoming less tolerant, it's becoming serious.''

Theresa May: ''Oh shit, there's no new angle from which we can milk the Lawrence case is there? Drag it through the papers one more time?

Mandarin: ''I doubt it, ma'am''

Theresa May: ''Fuck it, I'll announce a St Stephen Lawrence Day, that'll guilt trip the bastards every year, forever!''

And so it came to pass, on this day in 2018, Our Lord and saviour, sacrificed in a bus stop, dying for the racist sins of white British people, attained sainthood. And forever more shall ye look upon his black brothers with favour, and win the graces of Our Lord, St Stephen. Amen.

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