Saturday, 12 May 2018

In Defense Of Authoritarianism

I've recently been paying attention to two seemingly disparate trends emerging in political discourse which seem to compliment each other rather nicely. The issue is the nascent authoritarianism within Nationalism, or what we might think of as European identitarianism. After his resounding victory in the Hungarian election Victor Orban has been, inevitably, vilified and demonized by western elites and media outlets. Orban is rejecting ''Liberal Democracy'' and instituting what he calls ''Christian Democracy'' and in order to do that he's staffing the Hungarian media and civil service with people sympathetic to his aims, while at the same time slapping Globalist NGO's with crippling taxes or outright bans.

 Needless to say, the (((Usual Suspects))) are yelping out in pain as they attempt to strike Orban, his actions are fascistic and ''authoritarian''.

Meanwhile yet more YouTube drama unfolds with Sargon of Akkad claiming the Alt-Right is inherently authoritarian and even totalitarian because it politicizes people based on immutable characteristics such as race and ethnicity. Similar sentiment can be found over at Brendan O'Neil's ''Spiked Online''. In each case the mantra is one of ''Holding out for a centrist hero'', if only the death match between the Alt-Right Fash and the purple haired SJW nuts could be put on hold for a while the increasing polarization of society would cease and true individualism would be enjoyed by all.

 It's baffling to me that centrists are supportive of Victor Orban when he is indeed authoritarian, he is not promoting individualism but ethnic identity, tradition, Christianity and anti-Globalism, he's collectivizing the nation. The arrogance of the centrist supposes that the end result of the ''populist surge'' will be a race-blind society of individuals playing video games and watching porn, not a seething mass agitating for bloody retribution to be visited upon the liberal shills who stabbed the nation in the back.

 I for one long to see that day, but that's because I have no problem with authoritarianism when it is in the hands of people who aim to protect nation and folk.

 As it happens Britain is more authoritarian now than it ever has been, last year 3000 people were arrested for posts of hate on the internet, the native population look over their shoulders twice before uttering the mildest politically incorrect complaint. The entirety of the society and its culture is twisted against the well-being of the native population and there seems to be no end in sight. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has that ''Is it time to just get out and settle somewhere else? but where?'' conversation over a few pints in the pub.

 Such authoritarianism emanates from the Marxian left and Globalism, Victor Orban is using authoritarianism from the right to counter it and hold it back in Hungary.

 However, the position of the centrists is that authoritarianism of any hue is evil and needs to be contained and defeated. Let us leave aside the centrist hypocrisy over Orban for a moment and assume that Orban adopted a centrist position in Hungary. The various organs of the George Soros empire would instantly get to work in buying up media, political parties and influence, as ever, aided and abetted by the shills and NGO's loosely associated with the EU and Israel. The Hungarian people would be deluged in Globalist propaganda and the very fabric of their identity and natural sexual norms would come under assault.

 Now, I'm well aware that the Liberalist/centrist position is to oppose the ideologies which these organs belch out, but at the same time they also support the agenda in propagating itself, they do allow for the ideas to have a platform because, they argue, that through reason and logic these ideas can be defeated. Except, if you do not root out and shut down the organs themselves it will not stop, because they aren't ''reasonable'' people.

 Consider this recent Guardian headline:

Now, if you had the power, if you could click your fingers and have the plug pulled on this newspaper, would you? if you would then you're an authoritarian. I for one would not hesitate to rid the nation of this filth because, at the end of day, Nationalism is about promoting an existence of health and vitality for our people and that media outlet does the exact opposite.

 The Classic Liberals claim to be fighting a ''Culture War'' and they are to a certain extent, the problem is their core ideals prevent them from ever delivering a decisive blow, from putting the mad-dog down for good, because that would infringe on the individual rights of their enemies, it would be ''authoritarian'' to ban The Guardian or to demand that teachers peddling transgenderism for children be jailed.

The idea that you can fight a culture war without the ultimate aim being the breaking apart of the machinery from which that culture emanates is utterly futile and childishly naive.

The allegation that Nationalists are ''politicizing'' white people is equally redundant, the native British population politicized themselves by consistently opposing mass immigration from the Third world, and yet here we are, English children reaching just 60% of the children attending schools in England. We never voted for it, never asked for it, never wanted it. But here the centrists do a switcharoo, they sidestep this heinous crime being carried out against us by telling us that it only matters if we remember that we are or were a group! To seek to rectify the situation, to attempt to claw back control over our own society and destiny is now ''authoritarian'' and ''totalitarian''.
''I'm here to ask you a few questions about that White Privilege article''

At the recent ''Day for Freedom'' rally much noise and fuss was made about the tranny who pranced around on the stage, in front of a mainly white, working class audience. The tranny is not a creature of enlightenment philosophy, nor does it emanate from Nationalist thinking, it is a creature of the ''J-Left''. However, if instead of that tranny a speaker stood on the stage and loudly proclaimed:
 ''This is our nation for our people, follow me and we shall hang traitors, purge the media and academia and finally set things right for our people in this, our nation!'' 
The applause would have been rapturous.

And that's because Classic Liberalism does not have that much to say beyond giving people who oppose it a platform, essentially they have the role of the fat kid in school who keeps the toilet seat warm for tougher boys. The central fault in their reasoning is that the default position of humanity is to be a race-less, identity-less individual adhering to a set of abstract ideals emanating from homogeneous European nations 300 years ago. 

I'm not the first person to point out that intellectualism born out of minds living in a 100% ethnically homogeneous country is ill suited to the enforced multiculturalism of the West today.  Could it ever work? it might stand a chance if you have a police state breaking apart ethnic and religious lobby groups, but they can't do that because it would impinge on the rights of those individuals. It might stand a chance if you had strict control over the media and carefully controlled what the multicult masses consumed, but the centrists can't do that either because it would be authoritarian and anti-free speech.

Fundamentally it comes down to power and what you do with that power, the J-Left Globalists have power and a clear and obvious agenda, reduce Europeans to a bland blob of mixed race mush whose only identity is what they buy and consume. The true, Nationalist right also have a clear vision and upon attaining power they know exactly what they'd do with it. The Classic Liberals have a platform of attaining power for no purpose for aims which they can't implement and for goals which only result in them handing over a megaphone for people who think them fools.

 It is a vacuum, but it's a vacuum being filled by the ethnic interests of Europeans, even if still in embryonic form, for now........

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