Saturday, 2 June 2018

John Rambo And The Eternal White Woman

Surprising as it may seem I actually love the Rambo films, and I say that fully in the knowledge that at least 2 of the 4 movies are blatant Neo-Con 1.0 propaganda. Whether or not Sylvester Stallone would qualify for citizenship in the ethno-state is up for a debate, but Rambo is essentially an overblown and often comically violent depiction of the European warrior archetype. In an age when everything is wrapped up in irony topped off with a feminist ribbon, Rambo is a blessed relief. 

 ''John Rambo'' which appeared in 2008 is the least political of all the Rambo movies. At 62 years old Stallone's legendary war vet looks like a giant hamburger with a bandanna wrapped around it. 

It's been 20 years since Rambo fought alongside Al Qaeda and the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. Now retired in the Thai jungle John earns a modest living ferrying people on the river, fishing with a bow and arrow and catching snakes. 

 Life is good for Rambo, but then an attractive, starry eyed, idealistic white woman (Sara) arrives, complete with two beta-orbiters in toe and, needless to say, everything goes to hell, literally. 
Sara before diversity......

 Sara wants Rambo to take the three of them north into the Burmese war-zone so they can deliver dentistry and books to the Christians being slaughtered by the junta, war weary Rambo thinks she's insane and tells her ''Go home!''. She doesn't of course, she proceeds to guilt-trip, lecture and preach pacifism to Rambo, wearing him down with verbiage until he agrees.

 Rambo 4, then, is an exploration of the fad of white women gallivanting around the world to act as mothers for the children they are not having back home and the repercussions this foolish behaviour has. It is tempting to point out that the exact scenario could have been set in Africa or an Islamic country, however, east Asia has always been Rambo's playground so I'll give it a pass on buckling under PC pressure. A related issue is using Christian missionaries and not globe trotting lefties as the plot's ''MacGuffin'', a clever move by Stallone because people actually like Christians but wouldn't care too much if a radical feminist Marxist was on the chopping block.

 So Rambo, Sara and her two orbiters set off up the river and within a few hours they're approached by a boat full of coked-up, sweaty pirates. The ensuing scene brilliantly encapsulates the current state of Europeans within a multicultural context and merits some exploration. Sara's orbiters whose names I can't even remember, serve no other purpose in this movie than to approve of Sara's ''liberal'' and open-hearted worldview. As the pirates approach Rambo instantly understands the danger they are in precisely because Sara is an attractive European woman, Rambo knows that universalism is a childish daydream. 

 Sara tries to hide under a hat but is spotted by the pirate captain who calls her a ''white whore'' and demands she climb aboard the pirate boat.  Sara then looks panic stricken toward Rambo for help, interesting that, once again, the whimpering beta-orbiters are simply sidelined. Tension rises as Rambo orders Sara to stay put, the pirates then begin barking orders and insulting the Europeans. Rambo then pulls out a gun and shoots the pirate captain in the face, then shoots the other pirates too, then climbs aboard the pirate vessel and executes one more pirate who is still twitching.

 Rambo's violence is too much for one orbiter who shouts out ''We don't need more killing! who are you to decide who lives and dies?''

 An angered Rambo then pins the cuck to the side of the boat and barks back ''Who are you? they'd have raped her 50 times and cut her fucking head off, WHO ARE YOU?''

 The European Alpha male once again under attack from weaklings, snakes and cowards for trying to protect what is of actual value, his women. Sara's lunacy is only possible because weak white men go along with it, and when the alpha has to save her from the barbarism of this world the first knife to be stuck in his back will come from the weak, feminized white men of his own group.

 So Rambo takes Sara and her orbiters into Burma then returns to burn the dead bodies of the pirates. Needless to say, Sara and her little gang are instantly captured by the junta and so Rambo has to set off once again up north to get her out of the trouble which could have been avoided if he'd simply been listened to. 

The reason for Rambo's second trip up the river is to ferry a squad of mercenaries who've been hired to get Sara back, I find this the worst aspect of Rambo 4, the mercs are irritating and arrogant and don't really serve any purpose other than to try and ''out-alpha'' Rambo which was always doomed to failure. 

 The focus of the plot is now entirely on Sara who sits terrified, waiting for a swarthy oriental to finally cave in and rape her, amazingly after weeks in captivity this hasn't happened yet. The orbiters whimper together in a bamboo type cell but neither Stallone as director or the viewer care too much what happens to them. 

 As the body-count and carnage begin to mount Rambo arrives at Sara's prison just as a junta commander is undoing his belt and moving towards a horrified Sara. Rambo appears behind the commander and headlocks him, then tears his throat out with his bare hands. One of the mercs releases the male feminist orbiters, one of them might have died in the chaos, nobody knows, nobody cares.

 The final 20 minutes of Rambo 4 is essentially Rambo going into full war mode and massacring the entire Burmese military junta in order to protect Sara from the results of her humanitarian ideals. The junta general attempts to escape but is disemboweled by Rambo.  

What I enjoyed about Rambo 4 is that it's essentially a long deconstruction of Western universalism and Liberalism which is now so total it acts as a religion. 

Sara's argument against Rambo was that the world was indeed a brutal place but only because too few people are willing to take risks to make it a better, more humane one. Sara believes that by helping her Rambo has learned to share her ideals and pacifism, but he hasn't, Rambo was never interested in helping humanity, he was only interested in saving her from her own values system. 
......Sara after diversity.

 Rambo would not lift a finger to help alleviate the suffering of ''humanity'' but he would wipe out an entire army to save a deluded white woman. In the final scene, standing atop a literal mountain of dead bodies and carnage, Sara looks upon Rambo with admiration for the first time, he didn't do this for humanity, he did it for her, because true empathy is exclusive, not universal. 

 If more European women began to understand that simple maxim our world would be a lot less bloody and violent......

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