Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Living In A Madhouse: Tommy And His Merry Men Ride Again

Why am I not ecstatic at Tommy Robinson's release from jail?

 I've never doubted Tommy's bravery and I think he's done wonders for highlighting the ''Grooming''  epidemic in British towns with a Muslim population. I think he overdoes the Islamic text routine but so does everybody who thinks the Counter Jihad is the cutting edge of anti-mass immigration activism.

 Really though, I'm just a bit bored with the Tommy Robinson saga and his allotted role as the de-facto leader of the British ''Far Right''. 

 Retarded man-child Owen Jones Tweeted:

As usual Owen Jones is catastrophically wrong, we don't have an Oswald Mosley figure, we have Tommy Robinson instead. We don't have a man of gravitas and philosophy who understood the whole picture, we have Tommy 5 names being chased around the block by Hope Not Hate. If a man of Mosley's stature emerged from the ranks of the dissident Right tomorrow then Tommy and his merry band of Alt-Lite E-Slebs would be just a few steps behind Owen Jones, lining up to call Mosley's successor an Anti-Semite and collectivist moron.

Jones is closer to the mark when he says that the media legitimise Robinson but that's because the establishment know how to deal with ''Allah is gay'' placards. A roaring speech by a highly articulate and well read man excoriating Global Finance for homogenizing the world, somewhat less easy to digest. Especially for a moron such as Jones who's supposed be challenging the system.

The cash for Tommy's appeal was stumped up by Jewish media mogul Ezra Levant, The Guardian article reporting Tommy's release read:
 Ezra Levant, the founder of Canadian far-right platform The Rebel Media, travelled to London to cover Robinson’s legal appeal. He described the finding of contempt of court against Robinson as “a stich-up” before shouting: “Tommy Robinson is free guys.”
Just three lines down and we hear from the equally Jewish Heidi Beirich of the SPLC:
Heidi Beirich, deputy director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups across the US, said the level of support for Robinson was “extraordinary”
You see, they make them then they break them.

 It could have been different, we could be going straight for the jugular, headlong for the heart of what Oswald Mosley called ''The Financial Government of the world'' but instead we'll needle Muslims that they're homophobic and Anti-Semitic. We'll watch Tommy and his Merry Band of E-Slebs one more time, one more season, because there's nothing else.

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