Friday, 31 August 2018

On Victims and (((Victims)))

Two stories have loomed large in the political discourse over the last couple of weeks- the ongoing anti-Semitism drama within the Labour Party and the officially sanctioned persecution of South African whites.

 At first glance the two stories do not seem to have much in common but both stories centre around the grievances, whether real or perceived, by two minority ethnic groups. The problem the left have is that they want to speak up for the rights of oppressed Palestinians but may not describe those oppressors as ''Jews''. So in order to get over the hurdle they deploy the term ''Zionist''.

 According to Jeremy Corbyn:
“I am now more careful with how I might use the term ‘Zionist’ because a once self-identifying political term has been increasingly hijacked by antisemites as code for Jews.”
So the British left are coming to understand that they can't use the term ''Zionist'' either because now even their euphemism is anti-semitic. The problem is that every time the Corbynistas used the term ''Zionist'' every Jew in the media and politics erupted in fury and the mass media hit the panic button and deluged the British left with their victim status for weeks on end.

 But that's just how vulnerable victim groups behave, I guess. You can't accuse ''Zionists'' of stealing the land which houses Israel anymore than you can question the right of Boers in South Africa to own land...

 Oh, wait.

When Afrikaners are routinely massacred and tortured to death by blacks the left will justify it and the media will let out an almost audible groan that they have to cover it at all.

 This is essentially the difference between being a victim and being a (((victim))).
Not the right kind of victim

 The victim posts video selfies to Twitter on the #BoerTestimony trend and begs the West and Donald Trump for help. If the (((victim))) has reason to believe that a middle eastern hard-man might at some point develop a missile which could possibly reach Israel, the F16's are tooled up and it's bombs away and sanctions galore while the mass media beats the war drums at 500 decibels.

 Of course, it goes without saying that you can't point out that the most enthusiastic people involved might well be Zionists who regard the well being of Israel as more important than that of Britain because that too is an anti-semitic outrage.

 On the other hand you can't defend the South Africans because whether or not they're actually dying and being evicted from their homes is irrelevant, that's just a White Supremacist trope, and we all know where that leads-Auschwitz.

   Rabbi Sacks claims that Corbyn's comments on Zionists lacking a sense of humour were ''the most offensive comments by a politician since Enoch Powell''. Begging the question: offensive to whom? certainly not the 80% of British people who agreed with Powell.
''Just remember kids, keep it legal ok? *wink*

 Personally, one of the most offensive comments I've ever heard from a politician came just one day later when Theresa May twerked and said South African whites can be persecuted for being white ''as long as it's legal''.

 I have no idea whether or not it's legal to call a Zionist in Britain a ''Zionist'' but that's fine because (((victims))) get to write the laws on what may or may not be said about them. Victims get the:

''Ok, lads, but keep it legal and clean. We don't want dead bodies turning up on Breitbart and The Daily Mail main pages it's shite optics!''

...get out of jail free card. 

Victims get a half hour Twitter trend invaded by blacks and lefties telling them they deserve it. Victims don't get million dollar memorials and Hollywood Oscar winning epics depicting their pain, that's what (((victims))) get.

The victim gets a bullet and an unmarked grave while being vilified, the (((victim))) gets the world....

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