Wednesday, 5 September 2018

All Eyes On Sweden

This coming Sunday Sweden will head to the polls for an election which both the Nationalist populist movement and the Globalists have been waiting for. Sweden has long been regarded by the right of the political spectrum as a politically correct basket case eagerly committing suicide, while the liberal elites regard it as a poster child of the modern, multicultural progressive nation.

 Before taking a look at the stakes in the Swedish election I thought it would be handy to have a brief rundown of the parties of the anti-immigrant and anti-Globalist variety on offer for the Swedish electorate. And I'm going to do that by shamelessly pilfering a neat little article by Laura over at Defend Europa:

 There are three parties of interest for nationalists in Sweden’s 2018 election, the largest one being the Sweden Democrats. The Sweden Democrats were founded in 1988 and are currently headed up by Jimmie Åkesson. They are a conservative party with, according to Sweden’s official website, “nationalist views”. Their recent campaign has been very heavily focused around cutting immigration. According to
 “The Sweden Democrats believes that Sweden’s immigration policy has been too generous, that the many migrants coming to Sweden have put huge social and economic strains on the country. The party’s policies are based on protecting the ‘national identity’ as a way of sustaining the Swedish welfare state.”
The Sweden Democrats are the wet lettuce of the bunch, more meat is to be found on the Alternative For Sweden (AFS) whose slick style and excellent optics have impressed many in the wider Nationalist scene:
The second party to consider is The Alternativ för Sverige (AfS). The AfS don’t currently have any representation in the Swedish parliament and will need to get at least 4% of the votes in order to win a seat. The party was founded in 2017 by members of the Sweden Democrats Youth, who were expelled from the Sweden Democrats in 2015 for links to “white power organisation” Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth). The party has been labelled “far right” by the mainstream media. They advocate for repatriation of immigrants, non-intervention, exit from the EU, the formation of a Nordic defence alliance and animal rights.
The AfS is an extremely new party. Although they formed in 2017, they weren’t officially launched until 5th March 2018. This means that they haven’t really had time to get off the ground before next month’s election. Perhaps not surprisingly, they have faced their fair share of problems since their formation, even having their campaign material removed from YouTube under the banner that it was “inciting hatred”.
The AfS’s leader, Gustav Kasselstrand, has suggested that the stories that we read about Sweden on alternative news platforms are in fact true. His party believes that the only way to fix our problems is to consider repatriations and to begin making deportations. He recently told STV News that his party plans to send home at least 500,000 immigrants.
We then enter the ''If Only!'' category with my personal favourites:

The third party I would like to mention is the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). The NRM are the most radical out of the three parties I have mentioned. They are a National Socialist party, so they support closed borders and a Nordic ethnostate, with a focus on community well-being and support for the nation’s native inhabitants.
The NRM use the European Tyr rune (or Tiwaz rune) as their logo. The Tyr rune is the rune of balance and the rune of sacrifice of the individual (self) for the well-being of the whole (society). The party often organises marches in Sweden where groups of well dressed individuals gather carrying large green and black flags. These demonstrations are often hijacked by anti-fascists and they often turn violent. As has come to be expected in recent years, the violence of the anti-fascists is often ignored by any mainstream media reports which are published the following day.
The political will of the NRM can be summarised in 9 key points. These points range from stopping mass immigration, starting repatriation, regaining power from the Zionist elite, connecting with nature and creating a National Socialist society. These points are summarised in more depth on their website.
Like the AfS, the NRM currently have no representation in the Swedish parliament
A party needs to get over the 4% hurdle in order to enter the Swedish parliament. Whether or not these parties step on each other's toes and take votes away from each other remains to be seen, however the Sweden Democrats are nigh on guaranteed a strong showing, ideally the AFS would also enter parliament, the more votes the better.

Within the wider context of the European Nationalist surge, Sweden ''falling to the Fash'' would be yet more sand in the gears of the Globo-Homo machine. Will the establishment be able to hold the line or will the pressure on the system continue to increase?

 As noted above, Sweden is both a poster-child of the elites and a source of endless mockery and fear among populists and nationalists. This is not so much the case with, say, Austria, a country widely thought of by liberals as being deeply conservative and borderline Fascist, it was after all the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. 

But Sweden? A strong showing by anti-immigrant parties in Sweden would be the equivalent of the liberal elites having a favourite child turn on them with a kitchen knife. The mass media would of course be apoplectic but here too lies potential. Because of Sweden's holier than thou reputation among the masses the media would have difficulty normalizing the idea of Sweden being mysteriously remade as a ''Far Right'' land of hateful bigots. Instead the nationalist narrative would draw closer to the centre because if Sweden is heading that way, it can't be too bad, they're smart and nice and look pretty.

 More importantly though, the world is a better place with Swedes in it, and the people who argue that a world without Swedes would be no different are Satanic. We all know about the rapes and murders, we've all seen the graphs and read about the depravity of the Cultural Marxist doctrines in Sweden.

 It's also worth considering that if Swedes can pull themselves back from the abyss, so can the rest of us...

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