Saturday, 22 September 2018

Social Conditioning And Poop Bags

As an avid dog walker who spends an inordinate amount of time roaming fields, woodlands and coastlines with my faithful hound, I've long considered myself something of an expert in gauging the psychology of my fellow dog walkers, both by the type of dog they own and how they control their dogs, if at all. I quite often see attractive women in their 20's and 30's walking Labradors and I'd say there's a high chance the woman is single, the Labrador offers a good degree of protection while not posing the potential danger of many larger dogs.

 Exploring the psychology of female dog owners is extremely fertile ground for those interested in untangling the baffling behaviour of our womenfolk, but nowhere more so than in the obsessive manner in which so many clean up their dog's mess.

 Those outside of Britain might need an explanation here, the British state and local councils have, over the last 20 years or so, cranked up the pressure on dog owners to clear up their dog's mess. Signs are splattered around all public areas pointing toward to eye wateringly heavy fines for leaving dog poop. And quite rightly so, as far as governmental campaigns go the ''Pick it up'' campaign is one of the more benign preoccupations of our nanny state.

 However, what fascinates me is the slavish manner in which so many female dog walkers pick up their dog's turd even when walking in the remotest of areas far away from where their dog's mess could pose any harm or danger to anyone. I've seen our women climb up embankments of quiet woodland areas like a mountain goat to pick up a poop, women will plodge ankle deep through stagnant swamp because their dog did its business on the other side. The chances of a child or even another adult, coming into contact with the poop are minuscule, yet the female dog walker feels the need, the pressure, to pick it up.


Fundamentally it comes down to the ability of the Liberal state to frame its diktats in moralistic terms. To leave a dog poop outside a school or in a children's playground is dangerous, it's ''bad''. However, to leave a dog poop in a remote field or 20 yards up a wooded hillside in the undergrowth is essentially harmless. 

Male dog walkers seem to be much more capable of reading the risks involved objectively and deciding on a course of action. On the other hand female dog walkers are more likely to feel like a ''bad person''' if they leave it, even in locations which are uninhabited. Indeed, the risk involved in wading through stagnant water or up a steep cliff edge put the woman in more danger than the poop poses to another person.

 The problem of course is when we transfer this mentality from dog walking and into the realm of politics and culture. Without a morality beyond ourselves the Liberal establishment uses rules and laws, the trick is to frame these rules and laws within a moral prism. Hate Speech laws, for example, are vindictive and totalitarian in practice, but in the abstract they have been dressed up as a moral good. Thinking and speaking certain words or phrases makes you a bad person regardless of the truth of those words and phrases.

 The question then becomes one of just how draconian and downright mad the imposed morality of the state has to become before it loses its ability to impose itself in this way. Or to return to the female dog walkers, how dangerous does it have to become before female dog walkers decide to simply stop picking up the dog poop? Would the drive to think of ones self as a decent person lead a woman into a frozen lake? what about a cliff edge on a windy day? 

 Will they put their own interests and safety above the imposed morality of liberalism? or will they go over the edge and take us with them? The alternative of course, would be to have men tell them to;

''Stop bloody caring about the turds!''

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