Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Tactical Ideas For Fighting And Winning Brexit 2

The increasing likelihood of a new Brexit referendum has offered me the chance to sit in my metaphorical arm chair and play the role of general. That is to say, if I were a prominent figure in a new campaign how would I run it and what are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the opposing camps this time around.

 There seems to be a weary dread at the thought of another referendum, so much so that scant thought seems to be going into it and that's going to leave us dead in the water in the event of a second vote. The attitude seems to be that a second referendum on our membership of the EU is going to be an automatic victory for the elites and their middle class shabbos goy. Ironically that attitude itself is the problem. So too is lamenting the injustice of having to have a second referendum at all.

 Whether we like it not when viewing increasing exposure of the disgustingly named ''People's Vote'' alongside the pressure on Corbyn to bend the knee it does indeed seem as if the board is being set for a new Battle of Brexit. To say ''new Battle of Brexit'' is something of a misnomer because the Jewish press never stopped campaigning after the first one. The issue was never allowed to just die, the Liberal Media and their middle class lackeys kept Brexit simmering away and themselves in a permanent state of hysteria.

 To survey the cultural landscape upon which Brexit 2 will be fought requires that we look back at the battleground of the previous Brexit campaign and see what has changed in the last few years. Certain death for the leave campaign would be to simply repeat the same talking points which were essentially:

*The EU as a corrupt institution 
*The costs of membership and where that money could be spent back home
* Self determination/ Independence

Implied in each one of those points is the idea ''The People'' need to take back control from ''The Elites''. Since Brexit Donald Trump has become president of America and Europe has seen a wide ranging populist surge, once again, anger toward the elites and political correctness, and what flows from that political correctness, have been pivotal.

  If Brexit 1 was a proxy war for populism and nationalism then Brexit 2 should deploy both as canons, front and centre on the battlefield of public discourse. The framing of the campaign should not be that we have to vote again, reluctantly, and simply lose, but rather that this is a chance to finally poke all the elitist Marxists in the eye for the damage they've done. Talking points should not be on the bureaucratic nuttery of the EU, but the staggering arrogance of the Liberal elites that they even demanded another referendum. 

 It goes without saying that once again the leave campaign will be relying heavily on the internet for their social reach while the remain camp deploys wall to wall mass media propaganda. The leave camp should be using every YouTube video and blog post, every Tweet and every meme to associate the word ''Remain'' with a set of trigger words in order to garner disgust, for example:

 Politically Correct
 Muslim grooming gang
 Liberal bubble
 Banker's shill
 Feminist/Trans madness

Again, the battle should not be fought on their terms, which is superficially focused on the benefits of the EU and ''stability'' but instead framed in such a way that all of the grievances and irritations of the general population are shackled to the liberal remain camp itself. It isn't just another referendum on the EU, but rather an opinion poll of the middle class liberals who call you bigoted scum and gammon while turning a blind eye to every last one of your concerns. That is the framing which the leave camp should be aiming for.

 I actually find the idea of beating the people I most despise for a second time to be a rather mouth watering prospect. And I'm not alone, all of the frustrations and sleights, all the bullying and PC insanity, the Hate Laws and the grooming gangs and the lecturing. All of it can be harnessed and redirected toward the remain camp in the Brexit 2 referendum.  

 We've beaten them before, let us beat them again....

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