Friday, 14 September 2018

The Scourge of "Gender"

One of the most remarkable things about the left is how they are able to bring about sweeping, and often devastating, social change through the mere use of words. The left's clever use of invented or subverted terms such as racism and equality have wrought more  damage upon the West than the Red Army could ever have dreamed of. One of their crowning, and most destructive, achievements is the word gender. 

"Gender" is derived from the Latin "genus" meaning kind, type or sort. Up until 1955 it was solely used to describe grammatical categories in those languages which assign genders to the nouns of objects which have no obvious sex. Then, psychologist, sexologist, and candidate for one of the most wicked and destructive cultural Marxists of the 20th century, John Money, adopted the word in order to introduce a terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in society. 

Money was prolific in his production of verbal and societal poison. He was one of the first scientists to study the psychology of sexual fluidity and how the societal constructs of "gender" affect an individual. He coined the term paraphilia  to replace perversion and introduced the term sexual orientation in place of sexual preference, arguing that attraction is not necessarily a matter of free choice. Money was a proponent of blank slate theory and an early advocate for sex change surgery. One of Money's many career highlights was recommending that, following a catastrophically botched circumcision, sex change surgery should be carried out on an infant boy called  David Reimer in the belief that he could be raised as a girl and adapt to that role. Reimer reverted to living as a male at age 15 and subsequently killed himself. 

John Money

Money's work was the preserve of left wing academics and sexual deviants until the 1970s when feminist theory also embraced the concept of a distinction between biological sex and the social construction of gender, alleging that human nature is essentially neutral and that social distinctions based on sex are arbitrarily constructed.

Once the deconstructionist concept of gender entered the mainstream left, it snowballed until it all but replaced sex, even though it has an entirely different meaning. Sex is an irrefutable biological classification with only two options. Gender is a wholly invented leftist construct. It is entirely subjective and can mean  anything you want it to mean. 

If your gender is determined by your behaviour rather than your innate physical characteristics, then why not be any gender you choose? If plain old male or female aren't adequate to describe just how different and special you are, why not invent your own gender? 

Those possessed of high verbal IQs have, through merely changing the terminology, utterly subverted the nature of male and female, the foundation of all vertebrate life never mind human society. If they can subvert something as fundamental as male and female they can subvert anything. 

The fact that there are only two sexes but dozens of apparent genders is, or ought to be, definitive proof that sex and gender are not the same thing. One is a biological classification and the other is an exercise in mind bending Marxist moonbattery. If the concept of gender was still confined to the lunatic leftist fringe it would be of little concern. The problem is that it is increasingly replacing and supplanting sex in everyday usage. Partly because some consider it more politically correct and partly because some prudish people, particularly Americans, are somewhat squeamish about using the word sex considering it slightly rude or impolite due to its association with the act of coitus. 

However, by using the word gender you are, whether you know it or not, surrendering to the cultural Marxists' deconstructionist world view. If a leftist tells you that that there are 10,000 genders and that you can be one gender in the morning and another gender in the evening he is objectively correct. You have no means of countering him because the word gender is devoid of all substantive meaning. It describes only a person's subjective feelings which are unknowable and unquantifiable. 

However, if a leftist were to make the same claims in relation to sex, an irrefutable biological classification and the correct term, you can demolish his arguments with reference to facts and data. Never entertain a discussion founded on gender. Always reply by referring to sex. Words matter. The left cannot win an argument with factually accurate words. That is why they make up meaningless new ones. 

This is what happens when you use the word gender

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