Thursday, 4 October 2018

Sex & Dullards in the Campus Halls

By Adam J. Young

I recently took part in 'freshers'. The University past time in which youths act like buffoons, stumbling around, vomiting up the recently drunk nightclub shots that increases their now debted bank accounts. All done to gain social acceptance from similar naive youths.

In one of the times where we had to do some resemblance to work, I was contractually obligated to attend a lecture to that was intended to keep me out of trouble from the bastard hell spawn of what used to be the law. The figurehead of said devil birthed law being a manly presented policewoman, the type of which that rather than prevent crimes from happening, social works her way through a career built upon propagating falsehoods. She took centre stage and proceeded to enlighten us on rape.

Now I thought I knew what rape was and I'm sure if you are reading this you probably think you do as well but the policewoman certainly knew better than the both of us. You see rape is only done by white men on innocent women. The PSA she peddled to the hall (unfortunately I'm unable to get a copy to show you) involved a nubile white girl getting blindly drunk and a young white man, the type she would see everyday and who is also blindingly drunk proceeding to have his 'way' with her after a long night of hard drinking.

I would not deem that rape. Stupidity. A symptom of a morally sick society which is too perpetually high on its own childish ego that it can't face it the empty vacuum of the meaningless lifestyle and that its said meaningless lifestyle impacts negatively, it must be the fault of something other than the root. A symbiotic symbol of failure, yes but it is not rape. We already know what rape is. It's Rotherham. It's Sunderland and every other place that bears repeating over and over again. It's everyplace the Asians have gained foothold to call their playground on shockingly young girls but you don't see the penis envy policewoman state that to the conference hall of students.

No, students need to be coddled with that nihilistic outlook of living with no thought, that you only "live once" so everything is fine please ruin your life just try and make sure you don't ruin anyone else in the process. A perfect contradiction. We are a collective, the vast majority of what I say and do does affect the people around me. I take drugs, it affects my lifestyle alongside my parents, my friends. I educate myself, I change and so does my impact on our nation. No man is an Island nor should he ever be led to think so.

The PSA I hasten to write was quite possibly directed, produced, and written by white liberal men. That innate prejudice that feeds their belief that whites have a duty to help coloureds in "bettering" themselves feeds their ideas that women deserve to be treated as "equals" in the opportunity of failure whilst retaining the idea that if they do fail the man is at fault. After all, men should "know better". It is that naturally protective streak men have, it goes with their genes to help a woman in distress. Protecting the nation in war is just an extension of protecting your family. Few men truly believe that the life of a lonely hermit is superior than raising a family. It's a goal, not a choice.

I can't help but feel that way myself at nightclubs (I'm a constant complainer when I go. Mostly sober and annoyed), seeing young women who are finally away from their parents with that wonderful joy, the human right of availability. It is knee-jerk reaction but if feminists want equality, let them have it. Suffer thy cruel consequences.

Are women truly happy by the predicament? I imagine many for the time being they enjoy the attention lavished by sad desperate men. Who wouldn't enjoy having every brain fart being worshipped as God sent? I know for sure many campus men I've spoken to don't, they want something else, many wouldn't turn down a one night stand but they certainly like the idea of a fulfilling relationship. It is a blur but they know something is lacking beyond dick waving contests and how many notches they have on their bed. A pure innocent virgin is an attractive concept. A harlot is not. What it says about the men who speak highly of the former but still purse the latter is sadly pathetic. Men succumbing to pressure of the supposed norm.

The University promotes the agenda that your life can be shafted into happiness whilst also retaining that the natural consequences of said agenda can be avoided. Campus toilets are filled with condom machines and I spent an entire "freebie" fair having them foisted onto me ("just in case"). The whole of freshers invites you to guzzle as much booze as possible. University used to be the home of the top percentile and elite, now it is just a bar crawl with a degree for anyone with a 'D' grade A Level in General Studies, not that that is even the ultimate bare minimum. We need to accommodate for our slower racial neighbours after all. To have standards would be to deny inclusivity in the institution that is built upon exclusivity.

So what you end up with a piss about for three years then a job at McDonald's and a piece of paper saying utilimaly, "you are special". Enjoying the time wasted on chasing sex (or in the case of a woman, being chased for sex) or being accused of rape. It makes life all the more easier. No need to face any amount of dirty truth that requires a stern mind that if any lecturer would or could be able to deviate and state would be costing himself his a cosy pension.

The hierarchy we did have was a aesthetically beauty. The structure was aspirational but rigorous that allowed smart working class children to achieve a degree with respectability and honour. Yet they decided to punch everything equal, making dullards who are duty bound to the mean of stupidity, holding the opinion that this is regular life, your aspirations are the same as everyone else. To be the sheep and act the fool makes you more the fool and going with the flow does not excuse asinine behaviour. No. Holding strong against that tide is mandatory. Even when it invades the law and campus. I am right. They are wrong. That fact keeps my head straight, even through University.

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