Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Absolute State Of British Conservatism

I just happened to stumble across the gentleman above on Twitter and took him for a leftist, one of the #FBPE pro Corbyn types who have a job Tweeting and whose bio describes them as a ''Social Media Coordinator''. It then dawned on me that I was actually familiar with the name ''Fraser Nelson'' from the Telegraph, and sure enough it's the same bloke and now he's been wafted up into the position of editor of Spectator too. So Fraser Nelson is the kind of ''Right Winger'' the establishment feels safe to have around, he gets the top slots in British Conservative newspapers.

 What does it require of a white man in this day and age to hold both prominent positions in the mass media and, in theory, be on the right ideologically and philosophically?

 Marina Hyde is the Guardian's Jack Russell, when the British left want a no-holds-barred savaging of the Tory party, Marina gets the call. Fraser Nelson knows this of course, which is why he delivered this devastating retort to Marina's mauling of the Tory party conference:

You see, that's what a white conservative man has to do to be in the media, he has to Tweet out how fantastic his enemies hit pieces are. As Marina Hyde's splendidly painted finger nails tap on another glass of Mo√ęt & Chandon and the British left praise her for another wonderfully witty skewering of the British right, the white men of the British right actually retweet her and sing her praises!

 The lefty feminists who dominate political discourse in the You-Kay get to be Cleopatra while the white men of the British right play the role of ostrich feather waver, gently wafting the egos of our penis free rulers.

 Perhaps I'm being too harsh, after all I'm just a bigot with a blog. But who actually reads what passes for the ''conservative'' press in Britain? I don't. I do read The Guardian and The New Statesmen, I read the Classic Liberal outlet ''Quillette'' and Spiked Online. 

 Nevertheless, I decided to check out The Daily Telegraph for the first time in years and was quickly greeted with this on the letters page:
Sir – Would it not be salutary for Theresa May to remind herself that the Industrial Revolution happened in Britain because of risk-taking capitalist entrepreneurs given a free hand to “go for it", while in France, for instance, the dead hand of the state ( needing to control industrial development) stifled enterprise.
 So, does Mrs May really want a big controlling state or a lean high-performing state? She seems to believe she can have both. Is this not a contradiction in terms?
Dr Peter GreyFarthingsworth, Berkshire

Slightly miffed in Berkshire's letter has been sent to, and published by, every conservative newspaper on a daily basis for the last century. The British state is gigantic because it's engaged in a program to deconstruct and replace its native population, and that will likely include Dr Peter Grey. Destroying and transforming the moral and racial fabric of Britain is the primary occupation of the British establishment, not creating wealth for people such as Dr Peter Grey.

 The British left are not concerned with economics, they're concerned with turning Dr Peter Grey's son into a non-binary daughter. He can have his shiny new Ping golf clubs, though the course itself will soon be turned into a victims of FGM refuge. He can blow £4,000 on a 70 inch telly which curves too, it'll show off Queen Victoria's fine afro hair and Nigerian features very nicely.

 But most importantly, he can sleep in his 4 bedroom semi knowing that with fearless young conservatives like Fraser Nelson watching shop all will be well in merry ole Blighty.... 

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