Saturday, 27 October 2018

The MAGA Bomber & Who Really Is To Blame For Political Intolerance

By Indi De Lasaf

Donald Trump: he boasts about touching women inappropriately; he mocked a disabled person; he called all Mexicans "rapists"; he wants to ban ALL Muslims from entering America; and...and...he disrespects the media! Is it any wonder that there exists such a climate of political intolerance? Can you blame ordinary, decent people the world over for being outraged that such a man as this is sitting smugly in the oval office, mocking their cherished beliefs with his very presence and defiling the presidency with his moronic yet spiteful buffoonery? Clearly, if anyone is to blame for the political instability engulfing not just the States, but the whole world, it is him.

And now this: he has instigated, through his vile words and actions, a bombing campaign against his political enemies, carried out by violent, right-wing, fascists who act with his tacit approval. This man must be stopped! This fake-looking, orange joke of a president must be overthrown already!
That is the narrative currently being crafted by the legacy media and propagated across the internet by the vast hordes of NPCs that are infecting every social space with their unthinking, programmed responses. Orange man bad!!! 

But what is the truth of it? Well, the truth is that, as of yet, no one knows the truth - not for sure. But that hasn't stopped those who have refused, from day one, to accept the outcome of the presidential race from broadcasting their conclusions as fact. If it wasn't some deranged Trump supporter(s), having been radicalised by his hate-filled rhetoric, taking it upon themselves to wage a war of terror on CNN, leading Democrats, and other high-profile targets identified as 'the enemy' by the bad orange man, then who? Who indeed? ¿Cui bono?

Well, certainly not Trump. Just the mere suggestion that he may have inspired this is enough not just to damage his reputation, but, potentially, to derail the populist movement as a whole; a movement which has benefited in large part from the ever-increasing recognition by ‘normies’ that the left is becoming increasingly unhinged, underhanded and extreme in their methods. Influential Democrats like Holder, Pelosi, and Waters, as well as a myriad of rank-and-file members, supporters and activists, actually have openly called for violence - not just allegedly inspired it with “hateful rhetoric”, as DJT is accused of -, which has led directly to real acts of terrorism being carried out, such as the Scalise shooting and the Ricin letters, not to mention the increasingly violent and brazen Antifa attacks on conservatives and libertarians.

The left understand all too well that, despite what it clear to many of us - that it is the left and not the right who are responsible for the breakdown in civil debate, the increase in political intolerance, the current climate of political instability, the uncertainty and insecurity that more and more people are feeling regarding where we're headed as a civilisation, and the overwhelming majority of politically-motivated violence -, the fence-sitters still haven't made up their minds about who to fear most, so the so-called 'MAGA bomber' is, for them, a gift from God (not that they believe in God). It's perfect. Almost too perfect.

 In fact, a cynical mind might even conclude that the left-wing establishment (or, at the very least, elements within it) concocted this as an elaborate hoax in order to smear the populist president - and if it happens to draw attention away from the Democrat sponsored Honduran caravan in the process, mores the better!

Eagle eyes had, as it goes, drawn attention to some suspicious features of the bombs early on: the clocks used in the devices apparently lacked an alarm function; they were powered by "shitty LCD clock batteries"; they were adorned with parody ISIS flags featuring the catchphrase “Get ‘er done!”, the inclusion of which would naturally draw suspicion towards the ‘far-right’ since it was taken from a meme that had been widely circulated on “right-wing websites”.

Other sceptics of the official narrative drew attention to the fact that the apparent bombs had been handled and photographed by journalists eager to release the story with this compelling visual evidence. Strange behaviour indeed (Who in their right mind would remain in the same room as a suspected incendiary device for even a second, let alone touch it, just for a photo opportunity?)

Given that it seems increasingly likely that the bombs were fake - at the very least, they were all duds and completely ineffective - what possible benefit could there be for supporters of the Trump administration, or even patriots/nationalists in general, to send them? From a propaganda perspective, it would be a complete own goal. 

Why would the side that is currently winning wish to create such bad optics at a time like this, leading up to the crucial mid-terms? The benefits to the Democrats, on the other hand, if they can pull off convincing everyone that this is what they insist it is, are obvious. ¿Cui bono, friends? ¿Cui bono?

Update: So it turns out they’ve caught the notorious MAGA bomber. One Cesar Sayoc; a “Native American Trump supporter” no less. I guess he must have been radicalised by Trump’s racist, white supremacism. At least that’s the narrative that the legacy media is still running with anyway. I am certainly not the first to suggest that this is all just a little too convenient: a van plastered with very slickly produced pro-Trump, anti-Hillary images; a trail of evidence that led to his being apprehended inside 24 hours; a series of (deliberately?) ineffective bombs sent to Democratic targets; the fact that his social media history suggests he was a lifelong Democrat and only recently switched ‘allegiance’ to the Republican party (it appears as though some of the information regarding his political affiliations were even changed subsequently to his being identified); the resulting shitstorm that has gifted the Dems and their CNN lackeys a literal goldmine of material with which to demonise the patriotic movement. 

No, I am certainly not the first to say it, but I’ll say it anyway: this stinks! Who is this guy? An agent provocateur? A mentally-ill weirdo? An insecure loser seeking attention? Who knows? I do know one thing for damned sure though: he’s certainly no white supremacist.

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