Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas And Millenniyule

Well folks that pretty much wraps-up another year here at merry old Morgoth's Review. In what has become something of an annual event I made my appearance on ''Millenniyule'' last night and now I'll treat myself to a few days away from it all.

 My recent foray into YouTube has left me feeling as if I've neglected written content at the blog which remains my first love. I think as I go forward I'll use the blog for content which I deem ''To Hot'' for the censor happy moderators on YouTube while using YouTube for my movie reviews and pop culture type content. I certainly do not want blog regulars to think that I'm planning to shift away from M-Rev and simply dump the old blog, quite the opposite, the blog is becoming something of a redoubt as internet censorship becomes one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

English Everyman versus (((David Aaronovitch))) and Consensus Groupthink Audience (BBC 'Question Time')

This superb comment by the poster ''Orpheus'' was recently drawn to my attention along with the suggestion that it become a main post, and I certainly agree.

The post is an analysis of an infamous exchange between a homeless Englishman and a Jewish Marxist/journalist, David Aaronovitch. I recommend the reader first watch the exchange before reading the analysis.

Pam Dumbleton: "Isn't it time the government listened to the people about the effects immigration is having in changing our communities? "(modest clapping.)

Dimbleby: Just in what way do you think the government isn't listening?

Pam Dumbleton: "The government aven't got a clue. David Cameron 'as never been to Barkin'. If 'e came there's be warned in advance 'an everythin' will be brushed up. The government need to come and walk through our town and just see how we now live. Go back twelve years it was totally different, Now we are the complete minority there and it's just like the most terrible place to live on earth at the moment. "

(shocked oooh's from the audience, hesitant clapping.)

Friday, 14 December 2018

An Ode To The Snowman

I had intended to launch my Christmas video on Friday night but when I browsed Millennial Woes YouTube line up I realised that my humble channel would be crushed in the ratings and released it early. Nevertheless I do think the video warrants a full post.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

France In The Vice

In my latest video I discuss the chronic social problems and related debt which are destroying France....

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Diasporatic Groups And The Rest Of Us

By Adtilda

There are two major Diasporatic peoples who have a major presence in Europe (only one has successfully established its presence in the states as a defined and separate group) as follows:

-Cultural Jews

These groups are considered Diasporatic for the following reasons:

-They are recognized as belonging to their group through multiple factors before geography is even considered
-As a group they do not have a fixed location and there may be tens of generations in time distance since a family belonging to this group was ever based at the geographical origin of their culture.
-They are present in a multitude of nations without open conflict, without assimilating and becoming part of the host nation. They are able to exist culturally parallel to the host nations people with varying levels of complicity in the host culture (without a generalized assimilation or surrendering of their own cultural norms).
-In times of strife or rejection, groups belonging to this culture are not only able to relocate but will proactively move to new areas.
-Groups belonging to the diaspora may support brother and sister groups based in different nations, possibly in spite of or intentionally to the detriment of their hosts.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Darkest Hour

Doing my absolute best to skate around YouTube's draconian censorship I offer an analysis of the recent ''Darkest Hour'' film featuring Gary Oldman. Is it really healthy for us Brits to be so fixated on this period of history?