Thursday, 30 May 2019

John Cleese, Plato's Cave & The English Ideal

Well folks, it looks like we've got another runner....

So we had another runner folks, John Cleese went for the fence and the drones went after him and now he's battling them off. Just like Danny Baker a few weeks ago, I said we usually get one case a month when I a white man has a thought crime and the Blue Tick zombies set the drones on them.

 But John Cleese remarks are much more interesting to dig into that Danny Baker's daft photo, so not for the first time, John Cleese said London wasn't English any more and he didn't want to live there, or really have anything to do with it. Outrage 

 So now the same people who tell us every day that diversity is great, and that London is great for being diverse, they now tell us that saying London isn't English anymore is problematic and racist.

 But what does multicultural and diverse mean if not fewer white people? The logic of their own ideals would mean that they'd have to say back to John Cleese that, yes, London isn't English anymore and that's a good thing. The problem that they, lets say the Globalists, the problem they have is that they always want to be promoting a positive message, so they can't just come out and say ''London is better when there are fewer English people in it'' because that's too triggering, it's too raw, and honest.

 So their fall back position is to deny that the English or Englishness exists, that way they aren't committing a crime against humanity. But if we follow that line of thought through what is it that they mean when they celebrate diversity? For example, York isn't very diverse, the Globalists and their lefty attack dogs would admit that, but if Englishness doesn't exist then why is 90% ethnically English York less diverse than London?

 They know this argument is a killer so they do a bait and switch, now the pundits and media hacks are putting the question back to Cleese and his supporters and saying ''What do YOU mean by English?/''

 What they're trying to do is lure Cleese and supporters onto talking race, they want them to say something like ''English people are white'' which is true but the entire weight of the zeitgeist abhors whites having an exclusive identity and the libshits know it.

 But lets dig a little bit deeper, what did John Cleese mean when he said London isn't English anymore?

 John Cleese and pretty much every other Englishman carries within his mind an ideal of what England should be, this transcends party politics and values systems, left vs right. And it is ethnic, I pointed out a while ago in another video that liberal Europeans have a disconnect between their politics and where they actually live, and where they go on holiday, when they plan a holiday in Tuscany they have an image in their minds of what will be there but it isn't one which has the refugees that they campaigned to be settled there. 

 And so what we're dealing with is a disconnect between and ideal in our minds and the material world. This isn't a new concept, Playto described it perfectly thousands of years ago with his allegory of the cave.

 And so John Cleese comments on London not being English anymore was akin to pointing out that the he didn't believe in the shadows on the wall anymore, he isn't falling for it. He doesn't know who or what is projecting the shadows, or why, but he's recognized that something is off. The ideal does not match the reality.

 The purpose of the ''left'' is to force people to accept what they're seeing and to make sure nobody else questions the fake nature of the shadows.

And so what we see, is the clash of the ideal as it exists in the minds of European men, and ideal that some of think should be manifest in the real world, and the anti-ideal, which is the material world as it is and which is itself the ideal of another group, the group in fact, who project the shadows onto teh wall to bamboozle us.

 Now that John Cleese has been bullied by the media and the legions of drones they sent out he seems to be dialing it back, it's just a cultural issue, it's just these particular shadows that he dislikes, but the projection as whole is sound.

 But secretly he knows that something is off, and it's our job to supply all these people with the path out of the cave.

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