Monday, 6 May 2019

The Last Skeptic

Clarifying the points raised on this weekend's stream in which I expressed by concerns over the Skeptic direction of UKIP. Are jokes about rape a matter of political correctness, or a matter of common decency?


So I've been for a while to take a look at what's going on with UKIP and Sargon's campaign, the problem is every time I was about to start another outrage would be blasted across the headlines and blue tick Twitter.

  I want to see him triggering the libs and more importantly, I think he's sincere, I actually believe him when he says the white working class have been shat on and the so called ''Grooming'' issue needs to be addressed.

 The problem is though the campaign seems to be going off the rails a bit and the mass media is landing blows. So from what I can gather the game plan here was to go into the campaign using what we could call ''The Trump'' strategy, you wind up the liberal media with politically incorrect soundbites and then laugh at their reaction. More importantly your base is laughing along with you. This is dynamite because there's millions of pissed off people who're sick to the back teeth of political correctness and crying out for somebody to tell the vultures in media and politics to go fuck themselves.

 You can debate about how far  the masses would go in a politically incorrect direction, in my opinion that's pretty far these days, a lot of work has already been done. But key to this is understanding that political correctness is a specific set of ideas to control and suppress certain interests, thoughts and opinions of Europeans. When people see a man in the public eye who refutes and challenges these concepts people love it because they feel a degree of release, they feel liberated.

 Where we get into trouble is when you've signed up for a way of looking at the world which doesn't distinguish between political correctness as a destructive and hateful ideology and what we can, for the sake of argument, call ''common decency''.

 And in order to understand that we have to get into a bit of YouTube lore and go back a few years to when the ''Skeptic Community'' was still a thing. So the skeptic community were a bunch of loosely connected big YouTube channels who came out of gamergate and the New Atheist scene. Their main talking points were free speech and individualism, it logically follows that such a way of thinking would be distrustful of any attempt to curtail or impede the individual will. So they hammered feminism and to a degree, Islamic doctrines.

 But the problem is that this also led to refuting any social norms, any kind of common decency. And if you didn't like it then fuck you I don't care about your feelings, if you don't like the interracial porn I just sent you then fuck you, it's not my problem that you're offended.

 In the end this left libertarian trash was not much more than a teenage boy sitting in his boxer shorts telling the world to fuck off. And in any case, it was blown apart as soon as another group, the Alt-Right, appeared, which challenged their assumptions about the world. But that's another video.

 Here the problem is that a way of looking at the world which is obsessed with rights of an individual to behave like a wanker has to then be sold to the wider public, and in the case of Sargon and UKIP it's mainly working class white men.

It goes without saying that working class white men, or white men in general, detest political correctness because they are it's main villains, they are the antagonist to the victim group protagonists.

 The question is here though, is is being offensive for the sake of being offensive a matter of political correctness? Is sending rape jokes to female politicians a matter of political correctness or is it all a matter of manners and civilized behaviour?

The UKIP of Sargon doesn't seem to see any difference between the two at all, and I can see why, if your core value is the right to say anything you like to anyone you like, then any form of social control or pressure is the same, it amounts to curtailing the rights and freedoms of the individual.

 The freedom to offend, and if that means offending old Mrs Miggins along with some purple haired SJW nutjob, then so be it.

 And so under the stewardship of Liberalistism political correctness is seen not just a set of Marxian thought controls designed to moderate the views and thoughts of Europeans, now it's any form of social pressure or societal norms.

 The Liberalists and UKIP now find themselves waging war on common decency in the name of triggering the politically correct drones in the media. The problem with that is that UKIP's base of support are going to be people who're more traditionalist, more conservative, people who do respect common decency and good old fashioned Christian morality

 So how does that translate to real world? not very well, because whether classic liberals and libertarians like it or not the man on street does have a sense of common decency and there's nothing he detests more than discussions and jokes about rape and sex with children.

 And I know what the Sargonites will say, they'll say ''It's just a joke bro, go see Sargon's video for the context''

 But, I don't care about the joke, and I don't care about the context and I don't give a shit about the video, why am I having to deal with any of this garbage?''

So now lets contrast that with something genuinely politically incorrect, when Donald Trump said Mexico was send rapists and murderers into America.

 Naturally the mainstream went nuts, but Trump doubled down and received a huge amount of support from working class whites in America because he was speaking a forbidden truth, here was an issue which political correctness had made impossible to talk about. But Trump was also implying that there's an us and a them, and the us, was white America.

 Of course this is collectivist thinking and the Liberalists hate that too, but even then, in the case of rape joke tweets who is the us and them? And I know what they're saying, it's the ''Oh, he said he wouldn't even rape her, it's not a threat, go see his video for context bro, hee hee''

 No, bullshit, whether they like it or not the dividing line is people who think jokes about rape are funny and those who don't. And when we frame it like that the issue isn't as cut and dry, in fact UKIP are betting the farm on whether or not working class and middle class, socially conservative whites think rape jokes are a hill to die on.

The very idea of there even being a sense of common decency which exists above and beyond the individual is troublesome for people who rail against collectivism endlessly, UKIP is not dying on its arse because it's politically incorrect, people will stand by that party, it isn't even dying because of Sargon's ego, it's dying because classical liberalism is vacuous trash and can't survive beyond abstractions and fine sounding principles.

 People aren't the rational creatures that the Enlightenment likes to think. Society is bound by moral norms which cannot be quantified or reduced to raw data, it can't be measured through pure rationalism or Empiricism. But it is there, political correctness is a synthetic substitute. A new morality for a new globalist age.

 The dichotomy is traditionalism or cultural Marxism, the Last Skeptic will have to pick a side.

 I'm done with this issue, and I think after seeing this disaster people should be done, finally, with this tired old, nihilistic Skeptic rubbish. 

 I hope they do well, it could be fun, but they'll have to be a bit more Alt-Right and a lot less Skeptic to do it. Maybe it's time for Sargon to take his place on the Right-side of the horseshoe.

 Laters folks.

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