Monday, 27 May 2019

Tommy Robinson: The Boxer With Broken Arms

I've been saying for a while now that the Tommy Robinson circus has become something quite different from a Zionist affiliated movement of brawlers having a punch up outside of Greggs, and more like some macabre experiment in which Tommy himself has been allotted the role of lab-rat.

 Tommy's failed campaign to enter the European Parliament illustrates my hypothesis perfectly.  Go back 18 months and Tommy Robinson was a social media giant with his Facebook page boasting a million followers and his YouTube channel reaching similar sized audiences. Upon entering the run-up to the Euro Elections in which it was widely reported Tommy was going to run, he then lost every last one of his platforms, effectively severing Tommy's ability to communicate with his large base of support.

 The pretext was, naturally, to prevent Tommy spreading ''Hate'' that wonderful catch all boo-word of modern progressives which means anything they want it to mean. In reality the purpose of Robinson's de-platforming was to prevent him reaching his supporters and using his platforms to increase his popularity and peddle his message, which by this time, was understandably focused on free speech. 

 As the Euro Election campaign began in earnest Tommy Robinson was in the position of a boxer who goes into the ring with two broken arms, while wearing a blindfold. I'm probably more engaged in the political scene than average Joe on the street, even if I do say so myself, yet I can hardly name a single speech or soundbite coming from Robinson in this campaign. I guess there's some stuff on YouTube or something, somewhere, but who has time to dig that out when Farage is roaring through the media with a more polished message?

 With Robinson and his supporters now comfortably muted the establishment had a free hand and dutifully sent in their cooperate rent-a-thug groups to milkshake, brick and scream hysterically wherever Robinson went, disrupting his real life activities as successfully as they'd pounded his digital empire.

 He lost, of course.

 This is how we do ''Liberal Democracy'' in Britain, an alliance of Big-Tech, politicians, financial transaction companies, immigrant demographic groups and middle class goyim bravely stand up against the scourge of working class whites who simply want a voice. And after they've cut out their democratic tongues and trounced their ability to speak their minds and voice their opinions the Big-Tech, Global Finance, Political establishment resistance will valiantly wipe their collective brow and say: ''Phew, that was a close one, at least the people fought back against hate, victory is ours!''

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