Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Dusting Off The Idea Of An English Parliament

A new campaign in the North of England which sets out reset wealth distribution between north and south got me thinking about the idea of the English being given their own parliament. I get into that in my new video:

Further to the video itself though, the idea of an English Parliament emerging as a counterweight to the ghastly, and historically dubious, globalist stronghold on the Thames seems to be a totally overlooked and rather dusty argument. It pops from time to time and then drifts off again without too much fuss or panic being caused. 

 The reactions I've received fall mainly into two camps:

 Jack Of England writes:
'' Setting up regional power bases as done nothing but fast-track left-wing degeneracy. Why on earth would an English Parliament be any different.''

Meanwhile Alfred replies:
'' Bringing power out of london would be starting a war with the world largest financial powers, parliament and the Monarchy.
"Certainty of death, slim chance of  success. What are we waiting for?"

Both replies are related because both draw attention to the modern world which the English, and specifically London and the powers nested there, have plagued the world with. Yet being the poetic soul that I am I cannot help but feel simply returning England to the English, finally, would be closing of a historical cycle which has lasted at least 300 years. 

 A parliament by and for the English people would of course instantly raise questions over demography and ethnicity, millions of people would instantly find themselves strangers in the land of an ancient people. But more importantly still would be the self actualizing of the English people.

 In my video I proposed York as the new seat of power in England, others have responded by saying Winchester, yet more by pointing out that Manchester would be a more modern and relevant place to house English political power. 
Yet whatever the choice is, each argument being made is an affirmation of English identity, and that can't be a bad thing in these dark times....

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