Monday, 17 June 2019

Hopkins Homeland

I didn't expect much from Katie Hopkins new documentary ''Homelands'' and that's lucky for me because I didn't get much. Katie's new film is the latest in a slew of documentaries being produced via the internet by E-Slebs, most famously Lauren Southern who has now retired in a whirlwind of controversy.

 The premise of these professionally made and slick productions is always to capitalize on European angst over changing demographics and alienation in the multicultural age. Through Katie, Lauren and Stefan we will finally be able to get to grips with what the elites aren't telling us, you ''won't find this on the MSM'' is their mantra. Lauren Southern even faked the banning of her documentary ''Borderless'' to add an extra aura of controversy and edgy vibes to the general circus surrounding the film.

 Hopkins' new documentary ''Homelands'' is supposedly a meditation on the needs of all people to feel a sense of belonging, in reality though it's the needs of one people to justify the ''Homeland'' they have in the Middle East.

 During the course of a 43 minute production Hopkins spends literally 10 minutes in an Islamified town in a Yorkshire called ''Savile Town''. Hopkins then listens to the stories of the beleaguered, lonely and vulnerable white British still left in the area. 

Given Hopkins high profile and considerable reach we could have been blessed with Hopkins challenging the local councilors and politicians, perhaps a trip to Westminster to ask them to justify this ghastly act of social engineering. Instead Hopkins skips over to Paris to see another group people lamenting the rise of Islam in Europe, the Jews.

 France isn't safe for Jews anymore, you see, in fact things are so bad Katie doesn't waste the opportunity to unload footage of Nazis persecuting Jews, we go again. Hopkins even stands in front of the Champs Elysee with a clipboard and a graph explaining just how uncomfortable France's Jewish population have become.
Katie and her ''Goyim Knowing'' chart

Not being exactly a stranger to Counter Jihad sleight of hand and misinformation, I assumed at this point that Katie had doffed the cap and could now at least head back to Britain to focus on the plight of what she calls ''Her people''. Alas, no, we're whisked off to Israel to see first hand how important it is that all people, especially Jews, have a place to call home.

 A transcript of the film reveals that the words ''Jew'' or ''Jewish'' are used 59 times in Hopkins video while the word ''Christian'' is used just twice, and in each case within the context of ''Judeo-Christian''.

What is the purpose of all this?

 If Hopkins wanted to make a puff-piece on Jews not feeling safe and moving by their thousands to Israel then why not do so? why bother showing the plight of white Brits in Yorkshire at all? The purpose of course is to garner pro-Jewish sympathies in the minds of the British demographic most prone to supporting populist and nationalist alternatives. 

This is why Hopkins, or her producers, front-loaded the documentary with the footage from Yorkshire, that was their ''hook''. What followed was straight-forward Zionist propaganda that would have bored many to tears, but the narrative was spun, your struggle against the Muslims is our struggle. 

 The difference being, naturally, that working class whites don't have powerful lobbies and NGO's working around the clock to warp Israel's demographics while at the same time throttling Israeli Jews with Hate Speech laws.

 Hopkins concludes her documentary by musing that the native British do not have an Israel, we have nowhere to flee to. Though a prominent Jew in Israel offers Hopkins a home there for the wonderful work she's doing.

 As Katie is offered a new home in Israel we back in blighty are offered a choice, take our own side in the fight, or at least the fight of Europeans everywhere, casting out all invaders and subversive elements, or support Israel on into the future as we drift off into the long night of Sharia. Ultimately Katie's video insists on the latter, and anyway, Israel has nice weather for her.

I thought about responding to this ghastly, manipulative trash on YouTube, but I can't do that because the ADL are wiping any channels which they dislike, and they like Katie, not men like me.

 But Katie won't explain that either....

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