Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The Counter Jihad Crisis

The dramatic events of the last few weeks surrounding the Tommy movement have proven to be highly fruitful for non-kosher nationalists. Never have I seen the nature of the controlled opposition be so blatant and never before have we had the social media reach to challenge it directly. 

The whole movement stinks to high heaven and our friends at the Daily Stormer have even revealed that Tommy movement figurehead ''Brian of London'' who actually lives in Israel, has even attended a Hasbarat awards ceremony and dished out a variation of an Oscar for Israeli agents engaged in underhanded gay-ops against, well...everyone it would seem.

Many people, both former figureheads and normal punters, are beginning to describe the Tommy movement as a form of cult. Intellectually the movement is a wasteland devoid of any original thoughts or ideas beyond ''Islam=Bad''. There are no lengthy essays dissecting the benefits or negatives of Christianity, for example, there are no deep conversations weighing up the differences between Post-Modernism and Cultural Marxism, the movement is utterly barren of nuanced thought of any kind.

 If we think of the Guardian newspaper as being a sump for Middle Class whites to indulge themselves and have their moral codes indulged, then so too is the Tommy cult, except in this case it's a sump for working class whites to rail against the world while being safely contained. 
Just from browsing comments and Twitter it's becoming clear that the dissonance is becoming too much for many followers of the Counter Jihad movement, after all, their movement proclaims to be free speech absolutist while banning and de-platforming people who don't flatter Jews, it's figureheads are supposed to belong to a grassroots movement of working class Brits while Tweeting their orders in from Australia and Tel-Aviv. 

 This story is far from over, but I have to say, I think I'm beginning to see the light of a non-Zio movement beginning to shine faintly in the distance.....

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