Monday, 5 August 2019

Mass Shootings & Sabotaged Societies

As the blame game begins in earnest over the recent shooting spree in America we have to consider how so many flaws in western society are simply not being addressed. A destructive idea takes root and for some strange reason it's never replaced by a better idea, just more bad ideas.

 Under normal circumstances a society would be able to address the a problem, for example mass immigration could be halted, yet it continues despite there never having been a public consensus or even a debate.

Discussion then focuses on problems arising from the fact that the public have been ignored and had their will crushed, rather than the problem itself. The question then, is what is preventing us naming the source of the problems at its root and why can't a supposedly liberal soceity confront it, of course, this too is simply another problem under a problem we can't be honest about and so the madness continues....

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