Friday, 23 August 2019

YouTube's Censorship Frenzy

Over the past 24 hours YouTube has deleted at least two prominent right wing channels, Way of the World and The Iconoclast, with a combined reach of 356,000 subscribers. Reacting to the censorship The Iconoclast remarked that his channel had no strikes and was in good standing with YouTube's terms of service. What The Iconoclast is referring to here is the system YouTube had in place prior to the ADL worming its way into YouTube's content policing and community guidelines. Now, channels are simply zapped without notification or warnings or strikes.

 To me it speaks to a fundamental difference in mentality between the non-Jewish technology experts who designed and created YouTube, and the minds behind the Jewish led censorship campaigns.

No system is perfect and YouTube's wasn't even that good, however, a ''community'' needs rules and regulations and a list of do's and don't's or the whole enterprise will descend into chaos. Previously there was at least an element of fair play and respect for the rules because if you overstepped the mark you'd see a video removed and a strike applied to your channel which, I believe, lasted 3-6 months.

 There was an element of the committee about it, of respectful conduct. No footballer agrees with the ref when he's give a card or sent off but by an large they deserve it and secretly they know it. However, the Jewish involvement in social media regulation amounts to the ref acting like a neurotic basket-case who sends whole teams off for the slightest infringement of rules which he designed himself, to suit himself. 

 Previously YouTube content had to be reported and then viewed and evaluated, judgement would be passed based on a pre-existing set of standards. Now the ADL actively hunt down and destroy the work of others based entirely on their own subjective interpretation of the content. The boy's cricket club has turned into a Lord of the Flies scenario where might makes right and everybody self censors and treads lightly around issues which Jews might dislike.

 Most astonishing of all is that they destroy what could genuinely have been called a ''Liberal'' set of community guidelines in the name of protecting liberal ideals. Despite my many and frequent criticisms of classic liberalism, I have to say I sympathize with them, albeit with some hesitation. This, then, is what the classic liberals see being trampled on and stamped into the dirt, the gentleman's club, the civilized cricket match, now being reduced to a dog eat dog existential struggle. 

 Liberal ethics are being drowned in a bucket of mindless Hate Speech allegations, but it isn't the ''Far Right'' who is responsible.... 

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