Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Nice Little YouTube Channel You've Got There....

Picture the scenario, you've worked very hard and become staggeringly successful, the business is doing great, the money is rolling in and hell, you've just married an Italian beauty and had the wedding photographed by professionals who gave it that old-school, Trad, romantic feel.

 Life is good, life is damn good!

Upon returning from your honeymoon with the woman of your dreams you ponder how lucky you've been. Ah yeah, feels good.

 Suddenly a bunch of goons show up at your home and the wife gets scared, there's more goons in the car:

 ''Hey there, Pewds, you've done very well for yourself, but you forgot to check the small print on the contract. You see, we own your ass and now it's time to pay!''

   The above scenario was pretty much how the internet framed Pewdiepie's decision to donate $50,000 to the ADL, the question is whether or not this was Pewdiepie's intention or whether he's simply terrified that the ADL will destroy his career, which is running the largest YouTube channel in the world with a cool 100 Million subscribers.

Sad to say but $50,000 is not a very large sum of money for either Pewdiepie or the ADL, so we can assume that this was a gesture. What interests me is whether the gesture was a goodwill one or a, well, ''badwill'' one.

  Was Pewd's intention to say ''This is a wonderful charity dedicated to combating hate'' or ''These guys are calling the shots and I'm terrified!''.

 In other words, are such Jewish groups oppressor or the oppressed?

The denizens of this blog will certainly be as one voice in response to that, but Pewds gets 10,000,000 views on a video and given that the ADL have been very proud of their YouTube censorship campaign I can't help but come to the conclusion that they'd rather not have Pewdiepie's charity in this manner. 

A typical shakedown happens in a backroom and the money is passed via a brown envelope, Pewdiepie's version of offering ''charity'' amounts to standing on a chair and shouting to everyone in the bar:

 ''Hey I love these guys, and here for no reason is a bundle of notes for them, for no reason, honest''

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